San Andreas fault locked and loaded which could sink Southern California, predicts author

It was around 380 years back that a powerful earthquake hit the San Andreas fault, and it has made many believe that this region is ripe for a major megaquake

As the whole world is busy formulating various measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic, Michael Snyder, publisher of 'End of the American Dream' has claimed that San Andreas fault appeared to be loaded and locked. Snyder also revealed that the world is being jolted with an increasing number of seismic activities in recent days, but the whole planet is now distracted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ring of Fire ripe for a big quake

San Andreas fault
A screen grab from San Andreas movie trailer YouTube

It should be noted that several scientists had previously revealed that the Ring of Fire is ripe for a major earthquake, and sometimes, it could be a megaquake that will trigger unimaginable devastation along the west coast. Snyder also backed these predictions, and he claimed that it is just a matter of time before the big one hits.

"Seismologists have warned us over and over that it is just a matter of time before "the Big One" absolutely devastates the west coast. They have told us that the San Andreas fault appears to be locked and loaded and that it could potentially unzip all at once," Snyder wrote on his End of the American Dream website.

Snyder also warned that a megaquake in the Ring of Fire could sink a major portion of Southern California, as the land level will witness a sudden decline of 3 feet.

"If that actually happens, seismologists have warned that the ground level could suddenly decline by up to 3 feet, and that could potentially result in vast portions of southern California suddenly being way below sea level. In other words, we are talking about the sort of disaster that most people don't even want to think about," added Snyder.

San Andreas movie to turn true?

Brad Peyton's disaster film San Andreas that featured Dwayne Johnson in the lead role was a blockbuster film at the box-office, and this flick portrayed the aftermath of a dreaded earthquake in the San Andreas fault. A recent prediction of scientist Thomas Rockwell suggests that events in this movie will be replicated if a powerful earthquake hits this region.

Rockwell had also warned that a megaquake is overdue in the San Andreas fault, as it has been 380 years since a strong earthquake happened in the region. "It has now been 380 years since the last large earthquake, so this has led to the idea that maybe we are overdue an earthquake. In any case, it is very clear that the southern San Andreas is certainly ripe for a large earthquake, and the question is; why hasn't it happened?" said Thomas Rockwell.

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