Earthquake Awaits Planet Earth This Week, Says Dutch Researcher

The researcher predicted that the earthquake that could hit the planet on November 20 will measure 7M on the Richter scale

Modern seismologists have not formulated any accurate ways to predict earthquakes. According to seismology, an earthquake could be the sign of an aftershock, or sometimes, it could be a foreshock before the big one. However, Frank Hoogerbeets, a self-styled Dutch seismic researcher claims that there is a possible way to predict earthquakes on earth, and this method solely relies on planetary alignments and lunar geometry.

Big Quake to Rattle Earth Tomorrow and Day After Tomorrow

In a recent post on his website Ditrianum, Hoogerbeets claimed that earthquakes measuring 6 to 7 M on the Richter scale could hit the earth in the coming days.

Earthquake Representational Image
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According to Hoggerbeets, three planetary alignments that will happen on 16, 17, and 18 of November could result in a rise in seismic activities. The effects of this planetary alignment could become visible on the earth beginning from 18, where quakes will hit several parts of the world. Hoogerbeets predicted that these seismic activities will continue until November 21, and on 20, the magnitude of the earthquake could hit 7 M on the Richter scale.

Details of the Planetary Alignments

In his website post, Hoogerbeets claimed that November 16 will mark the planetary alignment between the sun, Mercury, and Venus. On November 17, the alignment will be between Mercury, Earth, and Uranus, followed by an alignment between Mercury, the sun, and Neptune.

According to Hoogerbeets, electromagnetic waves will be generated during the time of planetary alignments, and it could destabilize the tectonic plates on the earth. Even though there are no scientific pieces of evidence to substantiate the claims made by Hoogerbeets, the Dutch researcher assures that he is not a conspiracy theorist, and he made it clear that predictions are being made to educate the public regarding seismic activities.

Surprisingly, some of the previous earthquake predictions made by Hoogerbeets had turned true, and it has dramatically increased his fan following. However, skeptics claim that the materialization of Hoogerbeet's predictions is nothing but classic cases of coincidences.