Dwayne The Rock Johnson gets into a fight with WWE wrestler Lacey Evans on Twitter

The video posted by Evans on Twitter did not go down well with the 47-year-old wrestler as he reacted to it.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Reuters

Former WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock got into a Twitter fight with current SmackDown Live star Lacey Evans after the latter covered a framed photo of the former wrestler with her own photo and posted the video on Twitter.

The video that Evans had posted on Twitter featured a framed image of The Rock which the female wrestler covered with an image of her. This did not go down well with 47-year-old superstar whose original name is Dwayne Johnson, as he did not like the fact that the current WWE professional wrestler covered his picture in that manner. He took to Twitter and told Evans to cover his photo properly so that his midriff is not exposed.

"Look Tracey, Stacey, whatever.. if you're gonna picture hack me, at least get an image of your bad ass self covering my entire body as to not leave my cheat meal enhanced midriff exposed," The Rock's tweet read.

In reply to that the 29-year-old star took it to another level by stating that she has got more charisma than the whole WWE company and asked the veteran wrestler to thank her for picking up from where he left.

"It's LACEY EVANS......learn the name ya nasty. I've got more charisma in my bad ass pinky finger than this entire company you left behind. You can #ThankMe later for picking up where you left off," Evans tweeted in reply.

Evans was recently drafted to SmackDown live and recently got into a brawl with a Canadian police officer which went viral on the social media.

On the other hand, Rock who has won the WWE Championship eight times has become a very popular face in the entertainment world as he has starred in the Fast and Furious serious and many other movies in the recent past.

There were rumours of him coming back to professional wrestling lately but the American wrestler-turned-actor has no plans of it at this moment.

This article was first published on October 20, 2019