Dustin L. Beechner: Missouri Father Beats 6-Year-Old Daughter To Death With Baseball Bat, Kept Her Body On Roof Covered in White Sheet

A Missouri father has beaten his small daughter to death with a baseball bat. Dustin L. Beechner is in jail for beating his 6-year-old daughter. He has been charged with child abuse resulting in death.

The girl was struck several times in her head with an aluminum baseball bat which led to her death.

Dustin L. Beechner
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Jozlyn's Body Was Found On The Roof

Beechner himself showed the way to the police where he kept the body of the child. The daughter's body was found on the roof of the house covered in the white sheet, according to the police documents.

Beechner Has Two Felony Domestic Assault Convictions

Associate Circuit Judge Keith Marquart noted during Wednesday's hearing that Beechner has two felony domestic assault convictions and was on probation on one of those past cases. The judge said Beechner is on suicide watch at the jail, according to AP News.

His daughter Jozlyn was about to turn seven on September 15.

Beechner Stated that Things Happen In His Life

Beechner appeared in front of the court via video link. "I have been fine for a year and a half recovering. Things happened in my life," he told the court but was interrupted by the judge all of sudden.

Jozlyn Was About To Turn Seven Years On September 14

Marquart interrupted to tell him whatever he says can be used against him as the prosecutor was listening to him.

The bond review hearing has been scheduled for September 14. Although Beechner does not have an attorney yet.

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This article was first published on September 10, 2022