Video Shows Putin Sleeping Amid Key Meet With Top Officials; Russian President Recently Complained To Doctors About Fatigue (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen sleeping while attending a key meeting with the top officials. Russia's strongman was apparently dozing off while attending State Council meeting.

His videos of dozing off during the meeting come amid his recent complaint of fatigue to his doctors. In the videos circulated over the internet, a large number of Russian officials are seen attending the meet.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen sleeping
Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen sleeping while attending an official meeting Twitter

Putin Is Clearly Seen Dozing Off

They are discussing key issues to encourage tourism in Russia. But amid the meeting, Putin is clearly seen dozing off. And he is not alone to do so in the meeting. Other officials were also dozing off with some trying hard to keep their eyes open.

Putin Complained To Doctors About Fatigue

Putin had 'complained to doctors about fatigue and shortness of breath on his trip to Russia's far east where he attended the major Vostok war games, according to Daily Mail.

A body double was even on standby in case Putin was unable to attend the meeting, according to the Telegram channel General SVR, which claims to have links with Kremlin insiders.

The channel has also been claiming that Putin suffers a number of diseases including Parkinson and despite receiving treatments from top doctors, no improvement is seen in Putin's health.

Putin Also Complained About Shortness of Breath

"Even before the flight to Kamchatka, President of Russia Vladimir Putin had worsening problems with his kidneys, swelling of his face appeared, [and] 'bags' under his eyes clearly appeared," claimed General SVR, according to Mail.

After arriving in Kamchatka, Putin told medics about the fatigue and shortness of breath that he faces. But despite getting drugs, no clear improvement was seen in Putin's health, according to General SVR.

Putin's video has sparked concerns about his deteriorating health. Multiple reports have claimed that Russia's strongman has severe health problems. Although, Kremlin has always denied those reports.

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This article was first published on September 7, 2022