Dublin Woman Accused of Having Sex with Her Rottweiler Dog at Home

A 29-year-old woman from Dublin, Ireland, is alleged to have had sex with her own Rottweiler dog at her home in December 2019.

The woman is now due to face trial later this year and it is reported that she does not have to be present at the court in person but can virtually attend her hearings due to covid-19 restrictions placed in courts.

Rottweiler Dog
Representational Image / Pixabay

However, the court has instructed that her solicitor needs to be present in person during the hearings. The woman cannot be named due to security reasons as an interim reporting restrictions have been placed by the court that prevent the media from identifying and naming the accused.

The interim reporting restrictions are usually imposed when cases of bestiality come to the forefront and it's illegal to name the accused publicly until proven guilty by the courts.

The charges state that the woman has committed an act of buggery with an animal, a mixed breed dog, which was part Rottweiler, the Irish Mirror reports. The charges from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) were obtained and the woman was charged last month.

However, the woman was granted station bail by the Dublin district court after the case's first listing and the judge adjourned the case to September 2021 for prosecution.

Defence solicitor Tony Collier has also applied for reporting restrictions to be imposed for the hearing in September. Collier in his plea stated that the accused is not entitled to that protection but bringing out her name in public would be difficult as the nature of the charge attracts unwanted media attention and a fair trail cannot be imposed due to media pressure.

The judge said the case is still in its early stage and is yet to decide about imposing restrictions to the September hearings but most likely will bar the media from reporting the name and other details of the accused.

Also, since the court has covid-19 restriction in place, the judge has ordered Collier to complete the book of evidence before the hearing in September but Collier has contested the date saying the court needs to grant him and his client extra time to complete the book of evidence.