'One Nation Under God' Changed to 'One Nation Under Allah' at US School; Far Left in Cahoots with Political Islam?

A Fairfax County School in Virginia shot to limelight after its only Muslim board member Abrar Omeish stoked controversy for saying to graduating students that they need to remember 'jihad' and be prepared to enter a world full of ''racism, extreme versions of individualism and capitalism, white supremacy".

Also, a class student leader who introduced Omeish on stage gave a rousing introduction calling her ''fearless'' and praised her stand against Israel and support to Palestine.

Surprisingly, without the permission from the school authorities, the student leader began reciting the U.S pledge of allegiance at the graduation ceremony and the phrase where it says 'One Nation Under God' was deliberately changed to 'One Nation Under Allah' making the management feel uncomfortable.

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Backlash Against The Phrase 'One Nation Under Allah'

Republicans and conservatives came down heavily over the usage of the term 'One Nation Under Allah' claiming America's Judeo-Christian values are being highjacked by the far left and 'political Islam' is taking refuge under their wings to alter the country's fabric and culture.

The tweak in phrase is a natural growth emerging from multiculturalism raging across the United States with immigrants getting together to form their own identity rejecting the previous values the country was founded on.

Jerry Newcombe of NewsMax wrote that even Muslims in America feel uncomfortable to use the phrase 'One Nation Under Allah' and political Islam is creating unrest in society among religions that co-exist peacefully by disrupting the Pledge of Allegiance.

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''One nation under Allah, restricts freedom of those who disagree, even fellow Muslims of a slightly different stripe. One nation under God allows the Muslim, the Buddhist, the atheist to practice what they wish,'' he said.

Newcombe hit out against Muslims who come to America in the hope of a better life and force their ideas of culture on the American people and fail to integrate in Western societies around the world.

''Even many Muslims find restrictions under strict Islam troubling. There are many Iranians and Pakistanis and Afghanis lining up to try and live in America. But we don't have a lot of Americans lining up to go live in Iran or Pakistan or Afghanistan,'' he wrote.

However, several liberals supported the usage of the phrase 'One Nation Under Allah' citing the word 'Allah' which is in Arabic, translates to 'God' in English and the two are the same. Liberals stated that those who feel offended for a simple translation of words are the real problem in society.