DSP Warns Media not to Spread Misinformation After Hyunjoo's Brother Cleared Of Defamation Charges; Gets Slammed

DSP has responded to the latest reports pertaining to Hyunjoo's brother being cleared of his defamation charges. It has also warned the people against spreading misinformation in connection with the issue.

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What did Media Report?
According to a report on Soompi website, Lee & Kim, the law firm of Hyunjoo's brother, revealed that the cops have found that Hyunjoo's brother had no intention of slandering and his reaction was out of frustration.

His intention was to throw light at the pain suffered by his sister in the hands of April members, the report stated the legal firm as stating. The police had reportedly got substantial evidence to his allegations and Hyunjoo was bullied by her former April members.

His claims cannot be considered false as the incidents he mentioned like 'tumbler' and 'shoe' incident were close to the truth.

"Lee Hyunjoo's brother was informed on June 20 that he was cleared of charges, and through a request to view and copy the documents, he was able to confirm the specific reasoning behind the police dropping the case. The accuser (DSP Media) will most likely have received a notice regarding the charges being cleared around June 20 as Lee Hyunjoo's brother did," the law firm was quoted as saying by Soompi.

DSP's Response to Latest Development
In the statement, the agency has said that the charges were cleared since it was difficult to establish whether he had the intention of defaming the April members or not. However, the cops have not confirmed whether the April members were involved in bullying.

"It was never admitted that the members outcast someone and regarding the post that the accused (Hyunjoo's brother) had written, the lawsuit was rejected as no intention of falsehoods could be detected. We warn you against the spread of information different from the truth, without checking the facts," Koreaboo quotes DSP Media as saying in a press release.

Hyunjoo's brother had made allegations of April members bullying his sister when she was part of the group. She broke her silence in April following which April's Chaewon and Yena made counter-allegations claiming that "they were not perpetrators, but victims." A few days ago, Yena, Chaewon, Jinsoi, and Naeun spoke about the controversy.

The Netizens' Reaction
However, the netizens have slammed the agency over its latest press release. Check out their reaction:

THANK YOU IZ*ONE: Lol. Aren't you tired DSP?

Leccin Baby: I hope she's okay now. I hate bullies . Why do people even bully someone that's so low. But in this case i feel like it's just a misunderstanding so i am confused

Fiyya: it's not that easy, my sister got bullied, and she doesn't want to meet the bully until now.. the trauma is real..

Lovely Onda: At this point DSP isn't making any sense in their statements like nothing adds up.

Refilwe⁷ ️‍ : It doesn't even look good. All their charges keep getting dropped. Their little interviews also get proven as lies. They must just ask for forgiveness. People have kept their careers after doing much worse

@_bobohubaek: When will they learn that with every bs statement they release the chance of April ever seeing the stage again gets lower and lower.