Hyunjoo Accused of Showing Tantrum, Hanging Out with Boyfriend without Focusing on Work by ex-DSP Employee

After making bullying allegations against her former April members, it is now Hyunjoo's turn to face counter-allegations. A former employee of her agency DSP has claimed that she has spread false stories about the group and it was she who created troubles for them.

Hyunjoo. Hyunjoo Instagram

The alleged ex-employee of the DSP has taken to social media to slam Hyungoo for making false allegations against the group members. He has accused her of showing tantrums and roaming around with her boyfriend she was supposed to focus on work.

"I am writing the truth because the world has believed your ridiculous lies, and it seems that you are deluded into thinking that the world belongs to you." Koreaboo quotes him as saying.

The person says that Hyunjoo was not keen to be part of the group. He further alleges, "If the leader Somin asked you to practice, you would throw a water bottle. But the company tried to move forward with you who was a ticking time bomb, and ended up making Somin leave the group."

The alleged ex-employee claims that reject offers to work and threatened her to open up more about her if she does not stop spreading lies about the April group members.

However, the idol and the agency is yet to react to the latest development.

The controversy
Hyunjoo has made serious allegations of bullying former April members. Her brother had taken social media to the troubles that she faced by her ex-friends. Recently, she broke her silence and opened up about the issues on her social media account.

She alleges, "During those three years, I was forced to suffer because of violent actions and behaviour, ridicule, swearing, and attacks on my character, and it was especially painful to bear groundless insults and attacks on the character of my precious grandmother, mom, dad, and younger brother. The agency knew about this, but only looked on without taking any measures to respond."

Chaewon and Yena have denied those allegations a few days in separate posts on Instagram.

This article was first published on April 23, 2021