Drunk Woman Attacks Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant, Yells 'Shoot me' at Officers

A drunk woman attacked two flight attendants onboard a Spirit Airlines flight bound to Nashville and provoked officers to shoot her while resisting arrest.

A woman onboard a Spirit Airlines flight bound to Nashville from Fort Lauderdale attacked two flight attendants when she allegedly got drunk on Saturday, November 27, night. The woman in question had to be restrained by a fellow passenger. The woman allegedly admitted to arresting officers that she was drunk. Not only this, she also provoked them to 'shoot' her during the arrest.

According to court records, The 42-year-old woman was charged with public intoxication after the flight crew contacted officers on the ground at Nashville International Airport on landing. The crew members told officers that the woman punched one flight attendant and pulled another's hair. The reason behind the altercation, however, was not clear at the moment.

Court records show that the woman was in jail overnight but was released Sunday morning. Her case was dismissed because the flight crew refused to press charges. The identity of the woman was not clear at the moment.

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'I didn't do anything'

The court documents noted that the woman, who stank of alcohol and spoke in a slurred manner, had to be restrained by a fellow passenger with zip ties after she launched attacks on flight attendants. When officers arrested her, she refused to get into the police cruiser and yelled at the officers alleging that she didn't do anything. She allegedly confessed to being drunk and even asked the officers to shoot her while resisting arrest.

The passenger is banned from Spirit Airlines flights for life

Spirit Airlines spokesperson Nicole Aguiar confirmed that law enforcement officers removed "a passenger for unruly behavior." Aguiar further said in an email that they don't tolerate aggressive behavior of any kind. She also expressed gratitude to the passengers who helped the airlines crew and the law enforcement officers in getting the situation under control. The woman is now banned from all flights of Spirit Airlines. "This passenger is no longer welcome on any of our flights," Aguiar said in an email.

The New York Post reported that incidents of altercations between unruly passengers and flight attendants have seen an increase in recent months. A survey revealed that 85 percent of flight attendants had faced some kind of harassment from rowdy passengers. The FAA received reports of more than five thousand such incidents so far in 2021.