Watch: Aircraft with 196 people on board erupts in flames while taxiing at Egypt airport

Just moments after the plane landed, the hydraulic fluid leaked onto the hot brakes of the aircraft.

Boeing 737
A Boeing 737 Norwegian Pixabay/Tommy Olsson

A Ukranian SkyUp plane erupted in flames in Egypt moments after landing at Sharm el-Sheikh Airport on Saturday. The news about the incident surfaced only on Wednesday.

According to reports, the plane had just landed when hydraulic fluid leaked onto the hot brakes of the aircraft, resulting in the left landing gear catching fire. AirLive shared a video capturing the moment when the airline's left wheels caught fire.

More than 190 people were on board the plane, including passengers and crew, when the incident took place.

According to FlightGlobal, the Egyptian civil aviation ministry praised the "professional" ground service team for its quick response that contained the fire and didn't allow it to spread to other parts of the aircraft. stopping the fire from spreading to other parts of the aircraft.

The Sun reported that according to SkyUp, the wheels and brakes on the plane would be replaced following an inspection by engineers. All passengers and crew on board were safe, authorities said.

Other details about the incident remain unclear.