Drunk, Racist 'Karen' Tells Uber Driver to 'Go Back to Asia' After Putting in the Wrong Address [VIDEO]

The Uber driver had asked the woman and two of her companions to exit his vehicle because she started verbally abusing him after putting in the wrong address.

A video of a woman verbally abusing an Asian Uber driver and telling him to go back to his country is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip, which was originally shared on TikTok, shows the Uber driver's interaction with the woman after he ejected her and her companions out of his car for "cussing him out" after putting in the wrong address.

The post has since been deleted from the @thailong704 TikTok account but went viral after being shared on the r/PublicFreakout subreddit. A longer version of the video is also available on YouTube, where driver, who identified himself as Thai Long shared the footage under the title "Asian Hate."

In the description, Long wrote that he is an Uber driver from Charlotte, North Carolina, and was subjected to "Asian hate" from a woman named "Stella." He explained that she entered the wrong address in the Uber app and as he was trying to "figure it out" she started "cussing" him, which is when he told her to "get out."

'Go Back to Asia!'

Stills from the video shared by Long on social media. YouTube

The shorter version of the video starts off at a gas station with Long asserting why he asked Stella and her friends to exit the vehicle. Stells responds by saying, "F*ck you" before making her way to the car's rear side, where she attempts to take photos of the vehicle's license plate.

The driver says he's going to call 911 while Stella's male companion apologizes to the driver and tries to escort her away from the car. At one point, she moves a couple of steps towards Long and screams, "Go back to Asia!" moments before her male friend tries to calm her down.

"You Did Not Deserve That"

In the longer video, Long asks Stella's male friend to take Stella away before threatening to call 911. "I already called 911 on you," Stella says before the man politely asks the driver to leave.

"You did not deserve that," the man tells Long, who retorts with a question, "What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing at all," the man answers. "All I did was drive," Long asserts, as Stella appears to flip him off in the background.

"I am sorry. You are a good man, and you are working your fucking ass off. I am sorry," the man says to the driver.

"I work all day, and you guys give me the wrong shit here," Long says before reiterating that he's going to call 911. Watch the full video below: