'Drunk' Couple Kicked Off JetBlue Flight, Banned for Being Verbally, Physically Abusive Towards Flight Attendant Over Face Mask Dispute

JetBlue released a statement saying the couple refused to comply with the federal mask mandate and have been banned from flying with the airline for life.

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A couple were kicked off a JetBlue flight flying from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego on Wednesday after the man shoved a flight attendant and verbally abused him after being told to wear their face mask properly in a video that is being widely circulated on social media.

A fellow passenger who goes by @alice.rusa posted the video on Instagram along with the caption, "drunk couple kicked off for not wearing masks properly."

According to Alice, she was behind the family as the boarded the plane and could tell the woman was "drunk" because she was "taking boomerangs" and "wobbling around." She added that the couple, who were with their two young children, were repeatedly told by the crew to fix their son's mask and to wear their masks properly as they had their masks off the nose.

'You Made Me Wait Four F*cking Hours for This Flight'

Stills from the video that has gone viral on social media. Instagram

The video starts off with the man, seen without a mask, shoving the flight attendant and being verbally abusive towards the crew, prompting a gasp from the other passengers. "You made me wait four f*cking hours for this flight," the man is heard telling the flight attendant.

He also claims he was only given one warning before he was booted from the plane and said he pulled up his mask as soon as they were told to. The man is asked to exit the aircraft as he tells the flight attendant he'll leave as soon as he gets his personal belongings.

The man's wife then walks down the aisle, sarcastically urging fellow passengers to continue recording. She then pulls down her mask as she appears to explain her side of the story to one of the passengers who is filming her.

'Let It Go Viral'

She claims they were being booted off the plane because her five-year-old son's mask came off by accident even though they "offered to comply." "Let it go viral," the woman says before adding, "We're going to sue the sh*t out of them [JetBlue]."

The video ends with the woman asking one of the crew members his last name before bragging about how everyone she knows is an attorney" while the man continues to maintain he is vaccinated and respect's the airline's rules.

"I'm a vaccinated person," he says to a crew member. "I respect all your rules. Every single one of them, I respect your rules. OK? You gave me one f*cking warning." Moments later, the aircraft erupts into cheer as the family exits the aircraft. Watch the video below:

JetBlue Releases Statement, Says Couple Banned from Flying for Life

In the wake of the incident, JetBlue released the following statement:

"Prior to take-off two customers were asked multiple times but would not comply with the federal mask mandate/ Eventually the customers were asked to leave the aircraft at which time one customer became verbally and physically aggressive toward crew members before eventually exiting the aircraft. The customers will not be allowed to fly JetBlue in the future. We apologize to our other customers on this flight for their experience during this incident."