Drunk California CEO Hurls Racial Slurs at Bartender, Calls Her a 'Dark Haired Sand N****r' [VIDEO]

Jason Wood, CEO and President of Actionable Insights, was caught on camera racially insulting a bartender after she refused to serve him a beer.

An intoxicated Florida businessman has been filmed berating and bullying a bartender before calling her the N-word after she refused to serve him alcohol. Video footage of the incident shared on Instagram by the bartender, Rebecca Hernandez, shows Jason Wood, the CEO and President of Actionable Insights, going off on a racist rant after she refused to accept his bribe to pour him a beer.

As pointed out by Hernandez in a lengthy post captioning the video, the racist encounter took place at the Out of the Barrel Taproom in Fresno, California, on Tuesday night after she and a fellow bartender told him he had been cut off from purchasing alcohol and asked to leave the establishment.

According to Hernandez, Wood came in with some of his friends and she immediately knew he was going to be a problem judging by her experience and the fact that he wasn't wearing a mask. After a trip to the bathroom, Hernandez says she returned to find Wood being cut-off by her co-worker.

She said Wood was very persistent and after being turned down repeatedly, she said Wood became "aggressive" and offered to bribe them $100 to serve him a beer, which they politely declined and asked him to leave the bar.

'I Can Buy This Bar in 10 Seconds'

Jason Wood
Jason Wood in a still from the video. Instagram

"Two female bartenders telling a middle aged white man he can't have something he wants and he can't buy it either must have really hurt his ego," she wrote, before pointing out that things then took a racist turn and she started recording because she felt uncomfortable and unsafe.

The clip starts off with Hernandez making a phone call requesting someone to come to the restaurant. "I'm leaving. Don't worry about me, Saudi Arabia," the inebriated businessman tells her.

When Hernandez asks him to repeat himself, he responds by saying "You're f**king stupid like they are." "I don't give a f**k. I can buy this bar in f**king 10 seconds," Wood says after being told he's been cut-off.

Rebecca Hernandez
Rebecca Hernandez Instagram

When Hernandez asks the man for his name, he looks into the camera to identify himself and his business, "Jason 'Motherf***king Wood. Actionable Insights." Wood then shows his middle finger to the camera as Hernandez sarcastically says, "It's been a pleasure serving you. You've been fantastic. I hope to never see you again."

"You're not smart enough to care," Wood responds in the video. "Dark-haired dumb ass sand n****r motherf**ker. And that's fine. I'm leaving."

"You're going to be on the internet," she tells him, to which he replies, "No honey, I drive the internet." The video ends with Hernandez telling the man they don't want his tips and ask him to "get the f**k out." Watch the videos in the post below:

Wood Apologizes, Blames it on the Alcohol

Wood's business, Actionable Insights, is a digital marketing company based in St. Petersburg, Florida., that helps companies reach their consumers through the internet. In a telephone interview with the Fresno Bee, Wood apologized for his racist behavior and claims he "got hammered" and "blacked out."

Wood said it was the first time he was having craft beer and did not realize how quickly he got drunk. "I feel awful about the whole thing," Wood said. "We had seven or eight beers. It knocked me out. I don't remember any of that. When I saw the video, my jaw just dropped. I was a jerk.

Jason Wood
Jason Wood Instagram

"I don't talk to people like that. I'm not that type of guy. ... I'm not a racist. What I said didn't even apply to her. I would've had a better grasp on the vernacular if I was a racist. I was that blacked-out drunk." Since the video has gone viral, Wood's business page on social media platforms have been shut down after receiving a barrage of negative comments from users.

"I feel awful for the things that I said," Wood said. "I've been the guy that shares stuff (on social media) when someone else has made racist comments. So I understand everyone's reaction. I get it. But this was me doing something wrong. The business did nothing wrong. That was Jason with too much craft beer."