Dramatic Videos Capture Moment Ukrainian Forces Ambush Russian Tanks Marked with 'Z' Symbol [WATCH]

Two separate videos show Russian armored military vehicles being ambushed in the middle of a road from far off Ukrainian bases.

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New video footages have emerged on social media that show Ukrainian forces continuing to batter Russian troops in the cities of Kharkiv and Mariupol.

In the first video, the Azov Battalion of Ukraine can be seen unleashing artillery attacks on a Russian tank in Mariupol, killing at least two soldiers and destroying the vehicle. The second video shows a Ukrainian soldier waiting for a Russian personnel carrier to pass through Kharkiv before broadsiding it with a rocket fired from close range.

Ukraine's Resistance

The videos emerge as Ukraine's forces continue their resistance against Putin's forces. The first of the videos, is a footage captured in Mariupol which shows a Russian tank is seen travelling down a four-lane road in a residential section of the city.

Seconds after that explosion can be seen after the car takes a corner on a crossroads, narrowly missing the tank. The tank was swiftly pulled to a halt, with a prominent white 'Z' emblazoned on the front indicating that it was a Russian military vehicle.

However, this merely served to make it a sitting duck for Ukrainian forces. A second strike is shown striking the tank directly on top just after it had stopped moving, with flames bursting from the armored vehicle. The Russian forces can then be seen trying to reverse the tank back down the street in a desperate bid to avoid the attack, when a third missile hits it.

Russian vehicles ambushed
Screenshots of the two Russian military vehicles being ambushed in Mariupol and Kharkiv Twitter

At this point, the Russian soldiers inside the tank try to flee. The hatch opens and smoke pours out of it, as shown in the video. However, the attack continues, with a fourth missile falling directly on top of the tank, killing at least one Russian soldier attempting to flee.

A second soldier is seen coming out of the tank and almost limping down to the street, by jumping past the body of one of his fellow soldiers. The fleeing soldier is then seen being targeted by Ukraine's forces with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), when another explosion is seen on the road, just feet away from the smoking vehicle.

Ukraine Fights Back

The second video was shot by the Azov battalion, a special operations unit within the Ukrainian army fighting against Russia's occupation. The footage shared on Thursday by Ukraine's army shows a Russian military personnel carrier moving down a major thoroughfare in Kharkiv.

The video also includes footage from the Ukrainian soldier who ambushes the vehicle, which was taken on a helmet camera.

Kharkiv ambush
The Russian vehicle being ambushed in Kharkiv Twitter

When the group of soldiers spotted their target turn into the road ahead, the Ukrainian soldier was travelling in their own vehicle. The Ukrainian car swerved off the highway and down a side street, and the soldier with the helmet camera hopped out.

The car was again broadsided shortly after turning a corner, this time by a missile fired from a rocket-launcher operated by a Ukrainian soldier.

Mariupol ambush
The Russian tank ambushed by Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol Twitter

A drone filmed the strike, which showed many soldiers in the troop carrier's back when it was hit by the rocket. The troops, startled by the onslaught, ducked into the truck, which began to drift off the road before colliding with a telephone pole.

This comes as Russian forces continue to suffer heavy loss in the hands of Ukrainian forces. Russia has suffered significant losses, with estimates of 1,380 Russian military vehicles destroyed (598), damaged (20), abandoned (211), or captured by Ukrainian forces based solely on visual evidence (551).v