Dramatic Video Shows Angry Russian Man Throwing Molotov Cocktail at Kremlin Wall [WATCH]

The unnamed man is seen in the video gesticulating fiercely at the Kremlin's crimson walls while looking up at a part of the brickwork that is on fire.

A dramatic video has emerged on social media that appears to show an angry man hurling a Molotov cocktail at the walls of the Kremlin in Moscow. It is not known who the man is but he is believed to be a Russian. Kremlin is yet to make any comments on the video or the man seen throwing the homemade explosive.

This comes as an increasing number of Russians continue to protest Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to attack Ukraine. Russia has been facing stiff resistance from Ukrainian forces and has barely managed to capture any major city even after being into the war for 27 days.

Angry Against Putin

The unnamed man is seen in the video gesticulating fiercely at the Kremlin's crimson walls while looking up at a part of the brickwork that is on fire. The individual is seen throwing the Molotov cocktail against the walls of the reinforced government building in Moscow in the video.

The footage, which was filmed by a passing motorist, purportedly shows the moment just after the man threw the petrol bomb at the building.

The short video appears to have been first shared on TikTok, where it has over 250,000 views. In Russian, the caption reads "Moscow, Kremlin." At the base of the Kremlin's walls, little fires can also be seen.

Kremlin firebomb
The man seen throwing a Molotov cocktail at the Kremlin wall Twitter

Local media outlets, notably Belarusian news channel NEXTA Live also reported on the attack. The man doesn't stop after throwing the homemade explosive. Instead, he appears agitated as he yells and swears at the Kremlin's walls, one of which appears to be on fire where the Molotov cocktail landed.

Fate Hangs in Balance

The man definitely appears to be brave but many on TikTok showed their concern about his fate. "We need several thousand of them!" one comment said.

"The guy will probably never see the light again at the end of a mine in Siberia," another said.

Since Russia started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine last month, the country's crackdown on dissent has been stepped up. Social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as independent news outlets, have been blocked.

According to the independent human rights organization OVD-Info, more than 15,000 individuals have been jailed for protesting Russia's barbarous invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier this month, Russia's parliament passed legislation making "fake news" about the Russian military illegal. It also prohibited the use of the terms "invasion" or "assault" in the media to characterize the situation in Ukraine.

However, even after the continual danger of detention, thousands of Russians have demonstrated against Putin's war in Ukraine around the country. Last week, 467 people were held in Moscow for protesting the invasion, as the Russian capital cracks down on anti-war demonstrations.

On March 14, a news producer walked past the anchor of Russia's state television's live evening news show, displaying a handmade sign opposing the war in English and Russian. The suspect was identified as Marina Ovsyannikova, an employee of the channel.