Dramatic Video Captures Moment Ukrainian Kamikaze Drone Strike Hits Russia's Navy HQ in Crimea, Wiping Out Half of Putin's Combat Jets in Black Sea [WATCH]

It's understood the naval HQ suffered a direct hit as a drone exploded on the roof while terrified Russian tourists fled the popular summer peninsula.

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A kamikaze drone strike hit Russia's Navy headquarters in Crimes on Saturday, sparking a huge explosion in what is being suspected as yet another Ukrainian assault on Russian forces. Videos from nearby regions show huge fireballs and smoke bellowing through the air, following the strike as Putin's forces made desperate attempts to shoot down the UAV.

Repeated gunshots could be heard in the video as Russian forces tried to shoot down the drown but failed in their attempt. According to reports, the naval headquarters suffered a direct hit as scared Russian visitors evacuated the popular holiday peninsula. This comes just a day after Ukrainian forces carpet bombed an airfield in Crimea.

Black Sea Assault

Videos posted on social media appear to show massive black smoke plumes rising from the base in Sevastopol as horrified tourists looked on. According to journalist Guillaume Ptak on Twitter, three explosions have been reported at an airbase in Bakhchisaray, around 40 miles from Sevastopol.

Confirming the attack, Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev wrote on Telegram: "Unfortunately, [the drone] was not shot down, although they worked on the bay with small arms. [It] went low. There were no victims."

Crimea drone strike
Smoke is seen bellowing from the air after the kamikaze drone strike on Russia's Navy headquarter in Crimea Twitter

"The tenacity of these Ukro-Reich morons is amazing. Everyone, if possible, needs to be home in the next hour," he warned.

It's understood the naval HQ suffered a direct hit as a drone exploded on the roof while terrified Russian tourists fled the popular summer peninsula.

"I am at the (Black Sea) Fleet's headquarters now. A drone hit the roof here 25 minutes ago. Unfortunately, it was not downed. There are no casualties," Razvozhayev wrote on Telegram.

Crimea drone strike
This is the second time the Russian Navy's headquarters came under attack Twitter

Russian resort Yevpatoriya, located north of Sevastopol, also saw incoming airstrikes. A man was overheard there stating, "This is not funny. Let's pack up and get out of here. These are no fireworks."

According to Sergei Aksyonov, the leader of Putin's government in the annexation of Crimea, the air defense system was activated in western Crimea. "The target is hit. There is no damage, nor any wounded. Our military clearly, professionally and effectively carry out their tasks. I ask everyone to remain calm and trust only official information," Aksyonov said.

Crimea Under Attack

One video appears to show a drone hovering slowly over the city, despite Russia's air defense making frantic attempts to intercept it. Ukrainian politician Refat Chubarov wrote on Facebook: "At 8.20am, near the headquarters of Russia's Black Sea Fleet in the occupied city of Aqyar/Sevastopol, a powerful explosion was heard."

The Russian Navy's headquarters have come under drone strike for the second time now. On July 31, a bomb was detonated at the location, forcing Russia to cancel its Navy Day celebrations. The strike injured six people.

Meanwhile, a strike on a Russian air station on the peninsula last week resulted in the confirmed destruction of half of Moscow's Black Sea naval aviation force, according to Western authorities.

Crimea drone strike
The drone seen hovering before striking on the Navy headquarters Twitter

Fresh explosions were reported on Saturday at Putin's Black Sea Fleet HQ in the village of Belbek, near Sevastopol.

However, the fear of attacks on Crimea - a new development in the war this month - is palpable among tourists who are fleeing the peninsula. Saturday's explosion is the most recent in a spate of mysterious explosions that are thought to have been caused by Ukrainian forces deep within the seized peninsula.

Crimea drone strike
Crimea has been under constant drone attack since July 31 Twitter

The attacks have severely limited Russia's military capabilities, according to intelligence sources, who also showed how Kiev can disrupt Russian supplies. It comes after a significant explosion last week at a Russian air facility in Crimea. The incident, according to Western officials, caused the loss of half of Russia's Black Sea naval aviation force.

"They've lost their flagship Moskva, they lost Snake Island, they lost half of their naval aviation package and their military headquarters was struck. I think we can assume attacks by Ukrainians behind enemy lines," a source said.

On the south-western coast near Sevastopol, the headquarters of Vladimir Putin's Black Sea fleet, the explosions were reportedly heard at an air base close to the settlement of Belbek. On the opposite side of the peninsula, the sky lit up at Kerch, which is close to a large bridge to Russia, with what Moscow has claimed was firing from its air defenses.

Crimea drone strike
Scene after the kamikaze drone strike Twitter

Two villages within Russia have been evacuated following explosions at an ammunition depot in the region of Belgorod, more than 60 miles away from the area under Ukrainian control.

Kyiv also announced that a bridge at the Kakhovska Dam, close to Kherson, one of the last access points for Russian soldiers on the west side of the Dnipro River, was also hit.