Dramatic Footage Shows Bystanders Saving Woman After Attacker Tried To Drown Her In Public Fountain (WATCH)

Bystanders in a public fountain in Spain saved a woman from drowning as an attacker had grabbed the woman by her hair and tried to drown her.

The incident happened in Valencia, Spain when the man was hanging out with the woman. Police have arrested the man and charged him with the attempt to murder.

An unidentified man tried to drown a
An unidentified man tried to drown a woman in public fountain in Spain Twitter

Footage Shows a Shirtless Man Forcing The Woman's Head Down

The disturbing clip of the incident was shared on social media platforms. The footage shows a shirtless man forcing the woman's head down into the water after holding her by her hair.

The 52-year-old man, who appeared to be drunk, claimed to be furious about the theft and blamed the woman.

Bystanders Saved The Woman

In the footage, own person can be heard shouting, "He's going to kill her." People who were in the fountain are seen pleading with the man while some shouting at him to leave the woman. But the attacker relentlessly tried to drown the woman.

Another Man Jumped Into The Water

Suddenly, a man in a red t-shirt is seen jumping into the water and forcefully removing the man's hand from the woman's neck.

But he still clings on to the woman's hair – until a second rescuer also jumps into the water and starts punching him. The woman, only in her underwear, is released and then staggers back towards the park, according to Metro.

Both Were Taken To The Hospital

Shortly after the incident, the pair were taken to the hospital, where the alleged attacker was treated for a cut eyebrow and cheekbone, and the woman was treated for bruising after the struggle. Later, the National Police arrested the man on the suspicion of the attempted murder.

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