Dr. Romantic 3 Spoilers: Kim Sabu to Make Some Reckless and Dangerous Decisions

Dr. Romantic 3 is three weeks away from its premiere. Episode 1 will air on SBS Friday, April 28, at 10 pm KST. The chapter will follow Kim Sabu and his team and show them working together to bring a change. The producers released the first teaser for the new sequel a couple of weeks before the premiere.

The Doldam family will begin their new journey with Kim Sabu, Seo Woo Jin, and Cha Eun Jae. The new teaser video teases Kim Sabu into making some reckless and dangerous decisions to save the lives of his patients. The short clip begins with the sound of gunfire. Shortly, Kim Sabu appears on the screen and declares through a voice-over that he sets his mind on one thing.

"I am someone who sets my mind on just one thing. Because of that, I may seem reckless to some people. I may seem dangerous to others, but...," he says.

Surgeon Seo Woo Jin completes the statement. The doctor says he has only one thing on his mind while treating a patient. It is to save the patient at any cost.

The followers of this medical drama can look forward to a roller-coaster ride in the third season of Dr. Romantic. The new sequel will continue showing different methods Kim Sabu would adopt several ways to save the lives of many people who reach out to them for help.

Dr. Romantic 3
Dr. Romantic 3 teaser image. Twitter/SBS

Dr. Romantic 3 Spoilers

Young surgeons Seo Woo Jin and Cha Eun Jae could be busy dealing with the patients because the teaser shows them loaded with work. They perform CPR on their patients at one moment, and the next moment they are in the surgery room. According to the production team, the third season will feature the new chemistry of the Doldam family members and introduce new members to the viewers.

"Season 3 became a reality because of the actors since they completed the Doldam Hospital puzzle. Please anticipate the first broadcast while staying curious about the story [the characters] will experience through the figures who will newly join Doldam Hospital and the upgraded chemistry of the Doldam Hospital members," the producers shared.

The producers also shared the still cuts of Doldam family members, including chief nurse Oh Myung Shim, indispensable chief of administration Jang Ki Tae, anesthesiologist Nam Do Il, director Park Min Gook, his loyal subordinate Yang Ho Joon, doctor Jung In Soo, orthopedics doctor Bae Moon Jun, emergency medicine doctor Yoon Ah Reum, nurses Joo Young Mi, and Uhm Hyun Jung.

Here is a Preview of Dr. Romantic 3: