Dozens of Saudi military trainees maybe expelled following investigation of Pensacola shooting

Suggestion about the expulsion of at least a dozen Saudi servicemen training in US naval installation come out days before the federal agents report on the Pensacola attack

Around dozens of Saudi servicemen training in a military installation in the US will be expelled according to CNN sources. The ongoing investigation came after a Saudi national training in the Pensacola Naval station open fired inside the station. The nationals who are being expelled isn't related to the attack or for aiding the second lieutenant, but sources say that they have connections to extremist movements.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman and that for the Justice Department didn't comment about the expulsion of the trainees. The trainees failed to report the alarming behaviour displayed by the serviceman during his period in the station.

Naval Air Station in Pensacola
The USS John F. Kennedy is pictured in 2004 at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, where a shooter was killed after opening fire on December 6, 2019 US NAVY / PATRICK NICHOLS

Reasons for expulsion a week before announcing developments of the case

The report about the expulsion of the trainees is coming out days before the Federal agents and the military officials are preparing to talk about the development of the case. The 21-year-old serviceman killed three as he opened fired inside the classroom. As the investigation continued, several of the men from Saudi were restricted to their quarters.

According to the Lt Colonel Robert Carver's statement after the attack, the Department of Defense restricted the foreign nationals from Saudi Arabia while they conducted 'the review and enhancement of the foreign student vetting procedures'.The training pause is still in place while they implement new measures.

There are around 850 Saudi students at military installations in the US. Pentagon conducted a review on the students following the attack. According to a US official, the attack is expected to be concluded as a terrorist attack on the station. The Saudi government has pledged its support to the investigations happening in the stations on the students. Several of them were found to be holding child pornography and were of extremist nature according to the investigations conducted by the Justice Department and the military officials.