Download Snapchat++ for iOS with functional notifications without jailbreak

Here's how to download the Snapchat++ app with working push notifications without jailbreak required.

snapchat   with functional notifications

Hacked Snapchat apps are infallible like any other modified apps available in the market. In the case of Snapchat++, a number of complaints related to troublesome notifications have been noted from iOS users.

While Snapchat++ garnered overall positive feedback from both Android and iOS users, there seem to be some loopholes in the app occurring here and there. Nevertheless, it is something that users should not be worried about since almost all apps have flaws in them no matter what, and the developers usually take the bullet for that.

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One infamous issue users have with Snapchat++ has always been the push notifications that do not work when they are supposed to. Reported cases include the absence of the knock-on effect when incoming Snaps or messages arrive.

Many users find this problem unbearable because Snapchat by nature is about getting updated to friends or celebrities' whereabouts and current activities. Hence, alerts or push notifications are essential for them.

For iOS device owners that do not have jailbroken devices, or do not want to have their devices jailbroken but still want to take advantage of a hacked Snapchat with all its components fully functional, a version of Snapchat++ has been released.

A Snapchat++ with full notification stack can be downloaded from three third-party application stores: TuTuApp, AppValley and Cyrus Installer.

This article was first published on November 22, 2017
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