Challenging Snapchat, Instagram brings face filters to live video

Instagram has brought face filters to its live video features to enhance its existing userbase of 700 million users and counter Snapchat.


Facebook's Instagram is once again set to counter Snapchat. But instead of adding any major new feature, Instagram has this time brought face filters to its live video support to give a reason to Snapchat users to prefer its bouquet.

"Whether you're channeling a kitten or want to add some stars or rainbow light to your face, you can easily try on face filters while connecting with friends and followers in the moment," the company writes in a blog post.

You can add face filters to your live videos on Instagram by tapping the face icon from the bottom right corner. The feature is available even when you're broadcasting live. This means that you can put a mask or an effect in the midst of your live talk with your followers.

Instagram has additionally developed a new sunglasses face filter that will be exclusive to live video for the whole next week. The new filter leverages Facebook's advanced efforts to let you change the scenery reflected in your lenses with a single tap. This is something that Snapchat is yet to add to its filters.

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Once the broadcast is ended, you have the option to either share its replay in Instagram's Stories section or simply remove the whole creation by choosing the 'Discard' option.

Expansion planned with a competitive strategy

Face filters are not entirely new to Instagram's platform. In fact, some masks have been a part of the Instagram apps for a long time. The development team powered by Facebook also brought some initial face filters to Instagram Stories in May.

However, the latest development is appeared to make Instagram a more significant source for sharing live videos over Snapchat. Both the visual communication services are competing against each other for last several months. Last month, Instagram announced that its Stories feature, which was released back in August 2016 to take on Snapchat with an ability to precisely share the best moments of the day, surpassed the mark of over 250 million daily users in a year of its launch.

Instagram has a total base of over 700 million monthly users, nearly double the userbase of Snapchat that recently reached 375 million users. In terms of regular engagements, Instagram clocks 200 million daily active users merely through its Stories feature, rivaling the 161 million of daily Snapchat users.

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