Download and install MTerminal-Jailed app on iOS 11 without jailbreak

ios 11.2 update for jailbroken iphone devices

Developer AppleBetas has officially released the jailed version of MTerminal. The MTerminal-Jailed app comes handy if you want to manually perform tasks on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.1.2 or lower versions.

The jailed app is based on a tfp0exploit called async_wake, which was released by Ian Beer. It uses the same methods used in FilzaJailed. However, this app only allows basic commands at the moment.

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MTerminal-Jailed is designed to help developers run Terminal commands on a device without needing the SSH, which most developers don't have. With this jailed app, developers can access commands like UICache and chmod, which are necessary to get jailbreak things moving.

Check out the MTerminal-Jailed features, as follows:

  • Made UI changes for iOS 11 (safe area, screen sizes like iPhone X, some keyboard fixes)
  • Made it into an Xcode project (for easier debugging on jailed devices)
  • Added tfp0 that runs on open
  • Changed around script locations to work for what we have right now (since everything is in /bootstrap)

Like any other jailbreak apps, getting the MTerminal-Jailed app installed on your iPhone or iPad will need the relevant IPA file. You can download it from GitHub.

To sideload the MTerminal-Jailed IPA file, you can use either the Cydia Impactor tool or Xcode. If you are using a Mac computer, you can choose between the two options. For Windows PC owners, you can only use the Cydia Impactor tool. Refer to this tutorial to perform either of the two tools.

Once you are done installing the MTerminal-Jailed app on your iOS device, we would love to hear your experience in the comments section below.

This article was first published on December 23, 2017