How to install FilzaJailed on iOS 11.1.2 with no jailbreak

how to install filzajailed on ios 11.1.2

The FilzaJailed file system explorer on iOS can now be downloaded and installed on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 11.1.2 without performing any jailbreak, huge thanks to Ian Beer's exploit.

For starters, installing this app may brick a device's operating system if the process is not executed properly. Please take note not to do anything other than what's instructed. However, IBTimes Singapore will not be liable for damaged devices and readers are cautioned to take care before installing it.

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How to install FilzaJailed on iOS 11.1.2 without jailbreak

Below is a simplified guide on how you can download and install the FilzaJailed system explorer app on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 11.1.2. This method will not require you to jailbreak your iOS device; you can use either the Cydia Impactor tool or Xcode to perform the installation.

Step 1: Download the FilzaJailed IPA file. You can get it from here.

Step 2: Sideload the downloaded file on your iPhone or iPad. You have two options to do this: Xcode 7 or higher or the Cydia Impactor tool. If you are using a Mac, you can choose either Xcode 7 or Cydia Impactor to sideload the file. If you are using a Windows PC, you only have Cydia Impactor as your sole option. You can follow the steps in this tutorial on how you can sideload the FilzaJailed IPA file on your iOS device.

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Step 3: Once you have performed the sideloading process, the app should now be installed. However, it would not launch at this moment since it is not from a known source. Proceed to the next step to change this.

Step 4: Open your device's Settings app and go to General. Look for the Profile & Device Management section.

Step 5: Find the relevant profile associated with FilzaJailed and tap on it. Tap Trust once prompted and then Trust again. This should make the app fully functional. Go back to your home screen and try your new app.

This article was first published on December 20, 2017