Double suicide in rural Scottish Airbnb

The case has become another stain Airbnb after the Halloween shooting

A man and a woman were found dead in a rural Airbnb in Scotland under a suicide pact, a source told MailOnline. The police found the bodies on Thursday around 1.30 PM local time inside the cottage in Rickarton, Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Presently, the detectives will be treating the case as non-suspicious.

According to reports the male,28, and female, 24, met online and decided on the Airbnb to follow through with the suicide pact. The body was found by Vic and Pearl Peterkin, who are the hosts of the Aberdeenshire Airbnb. The emergency services were called immediately.

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The Daily Mail reports say that the couple travelled to the cottage from England and Netherland. A report would be sent to the Prosecutor Fiscal in due course of time. The neighbour said that there were a lot of activities in the place and the policemen stopped the source from seeing.

The Detective Inspector Sam Buchan said that officers will remain at the property while the investigation continues.

The case has become another stain Airbnb after the Halloween shooting. Following this, the company had announced new rules and updated guest standards last month. The company had assured that they will check on its 7 million listings.

Five partygoers were killed on Halloween night in an Airbnb incident in California, USA. The host said that the rentee informed him that there would be family gathering with a dozen or so people. Instead, authorities said that around 100 people fled the scene as the shots were fired that night. Following the incident, Airbnb had begun stricter rules with regard to parties in the rentals.