Donald Trump's space force idea is not crazy, says physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson


Renowned physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson recently said that protecting a nation's assets, including those in space, is a "fundamental part of what it is to be a sovereign country." Tyson argued that Donald Trump's proposed space force could be an important step to protect the nation's asset and he made it clear that the mandate should be expanded to address problems like space debris and rogue asteroids.

The physicist also added that the concept of space force could not be criticized just because Donald Trump proposed it.

"So it's not a crazy idea. A lot of Trump haters want to hate everything that comes out of Trump's mouth. I'm an academic; I analyze everything. And just because it came out of Trump's mouth doesn't automatically mean it's a crazy idea," said Tyson, CBS reports.

Neil deGrasse Tyson made these remarks while talking with CBS' Major Garrett on this week's episode of 'The Takeout.' During the conversation, Tyson also talked about his stand regarding the planetary status of Pluto.

"Pluto is one-fifth the mass of our Moon. It crosses the orbit of Neptune. This is just bad behavior for a planet," argued Tyson.

During the conversation, Tyson also promoted his new book titled 'Accessory to War: The Unspoken Alliance Between Astrophysicists and the Military.' Tyson revealed that his new book will explore the long history of how changes in astrophysics have impacted modern warfare.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started alleging that Trump has ordered to start a space force to protect the planet from an alien invasion. As per these theorists, the increased number in UFO sightings all around the world is an indication that extraterrestrial life is a reality. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Trump's space force is already operational in space with anti-gravity flying crafts.

This article was first published on October 6, 2018
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