Domino's Japan Issues Apology After Employee Filmed Picking His Nose, Wiping Finger on Pizza Dough

Domino's Japan
Stills from the video circulating on social media showed the employee picking his nose before wiping his finger on the pizza dough. Twitter

Domino's has issued an apology for "inappropriate behavior" after one of its employees was caught picking his nose and wiping his finger on pizza dough.

On February 12, a late-night video was recorded showing an overnight employee at Domino's spreading pizza dough when he suddenly began to pick his nose before going back to work on the dough.

The clip was reportedly filmed after hours at the restaurant's Amagasaki location in Japan and prompted instant backlash online, with potential customers vowing to never ordering food from the fast-food chain again.

Domino's Issues Statement, Says Strict Action Taken Against Employee, Outlet

Now, Domino's has taken action over the nose-picking behavior, saying that such actions are completely unacceptable. In a statement posted to X, Domino's confirmed that the employee was working part-time at the Amagasaki store in Amagasaki City, Hyogo when the incident occurred.

"The dough used in the video is at a stage before fermentation is complete, and there is a 24-hour fermentation process after this, so we have confirmed that it has not been used yet," the company said.

The pizza chain further noted that the staff member had been strictly dealt with and legal measures are being considered as the location had to be shut down for a day following the incident.

The statement continued, "We are planning to take strict action against the employees involved in this matter in accordance with employment regulations." The pizza restaurant chain added that legal action is being considered. "We deeply apologize to our customers for any discomfort or inconvenience this may have caused them. From now on, the entire company will do its utmost to prevent a recurrence and restore confidence in Domino's Pizza Japan."