Does Itaewon Class Actor Ahn Bo Hyun Dislike Park Seo Joon in Real Life?

Ahn Bo Hyun was surprised to know about the rumor that he disliked Park Seo Joon in real life. Here is how Itaewon Class antagonist reacted to the rumors

Rumors that all was not well between the protagonist of Itaewon Class, Park Seo Joon, and antagonist Ahn Bo Hyun were circulating on social media. Ahn Bo Hyun spoke in length about the rumor and cleared the air.

The issue came up during JTBC show Ask Us Anything where Itaewon Class villain Ahn Bo Hyun along with Park Ha Na and Lee Hak Jo spoke openly about their life and filming for the drama. Ahn Bo Hyun was in for a shock when he heard the rumor that he did not get along with Park Seo Joon.

The host of the show Kang Ho Dong spoke about behind-the-scenes talk where he had heard that Bo Hyun had disliked Park Seo Joon in real life too. Popular Korean comedian Lee Soo Geun, who was on the show also agreed to the same and said that even he had heard the rumor.

Ahn Bo Hyun Shocked Reaction

Ahn Bo Hyun
Ahn Bo Hyun with Park Seo Joon in the drama Itaewon Class. Instagram

Hearing this Ahn Bo Hyun looked surprised, "what are you talking about?" he asked the host. The actor clarified that this was the first time he was hearing such a rumor. Anchor Ho Dong went on to elaborate the context and told that the rumor was that Bo Hyun did not get sufficient filming time when compared to Park Seo Joon. There were talks that director did not give enough space and time for Bo Hyun and treated Seo Joon better.

Bo Hyun looked surprised and said there was no truth in these rumors. He explained his relationship with Seo Joon. Bo Hyun said that he and Seo Joon were of the same age and really good friends. "I even met him last week. Seo Joon lives across the street from me. We all (Itaewon Class actors) have been meeting up regularly even after shooting ended," he said in the show.

Ahn Bo Hyun Joke Taken Seriously?

Bo Hyun also sincerely explained the reason why such a rumor might have spread. He spoke about the filming of the drama and said as the character (antagonist), he did not get enough takes. Bo Hyun said that the director gave him OK too soon and moved on to the next scene. Bo Hyun did want to try his scenes in more than one take. However, he said while filming Seo Joon's scenes director spent a lot of time and took multiple takes.

Bo Hyun had even expressed this to the director and told him that he was giving Seo Joon's scenes longer time to shoot. He clarified that it was a joke and that the conversation took place in front of Seo Joon. "There is no need to take it seriously," Bo Hyun said. He also praised Seo Joon's acting skills and said Seo Joon is truly in his own league.

Itaewon Class was a hit JTBC drama starring Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi, Kwon Nara, Ahn Bo Hyun in main roles. The drama had got 16.55 percent ratings nationwide and 18.33 percent ratings in Seoul. Though Ahn Bo Hyun had appeared in blockbuster dramas including Descendants of the Sun, it was Itaewon Class that gave him proper recognition and made him popular.