Dodo Bar Or: Israeli Fashion Designer's Clothing Lines Removed from Luxury Shopping Platforms for Posting Video Comparing Hamas to ISIS

Social media users were extremely outraged by it, with many Palestinian supporters calling on merchants to take her products out of their stores.

Israeli fashion designer Dodo Bar Or's clothing lines were removed from upscale shopping platforms on Tuesday following allegations that she had shared a video in which she compared Hamas to ISIS. The designer's items were previously available for purchase and categorized on the Net-a-Porter and MyTheresa websites.

However, current searches for these items only yield error messages, indicating that they have been pulled down from the platforms. The video clip that she allegedly shared mimics a scene from the popular movie Independence Day. The caption reads, "#Hamas=Isis #FreeGazaFromHamas" and "The West Is Next." Following that, her clothing line appears to have been removed from at least two luxury shopping platforms.

Gone in No Time

Dodo Bar Or
Dodo Bar Or X

The controversial video allegedly shows a scene that had been manipulated to depict an alien spaceship destroying a structure covered in the flags of ISIS and Palestine, as well as those of Western governments like France, the United governments, Great Britain, and the European Union.

The apparent removal of her clothing from the websites led to allegations that she faced cancellation after a version of the video including her Instagram handle circulated on social media.

Dodo Bar Or
Dodo Bar Or Instagram

As of today, the video is not visible on her Instagram page. There hasn't been any response from Dodo Bar Or regarding requests for comments on the video.

Moreover, the designer has faced criticism for her colorful kaftans inspired by the keffiyeh. The keffiyeh, a symbol of Palestinian nationalism originating from the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine, has previously faced backlash for sales being seen as "cultural appropriation."

Critics have strongly criticized the controversial video, allegedly posted by Dodo Bar Or, which mimics a scene from the popular film Independence Day. It has been condemned as 'racist' and 'Islamophobic.' The video, it seems, has been removed from the Dodo Bar Or account.

Creating Controversy

The edited video starts with the phrase "Free Palestine" spoken over movie scenes of civilians while an extraterrestrial spacecraft hovers overhead and a circle of flags, including those of ISIS and Palestine, surrounds it.

Dodo Bar Or
The controversial video that Dodo Bar Or allegedly posted X

Then comes the sound of the Muslim call to prayer, followed by the destruction of a structure that was covered in the flags of Western nations like France, Great Britain, the United States, and the European Union.

The video ends with the slogans "The West Is Next" and "#Hamas=Isis #FreeGazaFromHamas."

Social media users were extremely outraged by it, with many Palestinian supporters calling on merchants to take her products out of their stores.

Dodo Bar Or
Screengrab of the video Dodo Bar Or alleged posted X

The designer's items were earlier categorized and offered for sale on Net-a-Porter and MyTheresa. However, attempts to locate them on these platforms now yield error warnings.

One TikTok member commented, "This video that you have seen is worse than the s*** that came out after 9/11," in response to the post with a video of her own in which the designer's Instagram handle is visible.

"First of all it's associating the Free Palestine movement with a vicious organisation, ISIS, which actually kills more Muslims than any other religion.

"Second, it's conflating Islam with the Free Palestine movement. Palestine has always been a melting pot with a large percentage of Christians, Muslims and Palestinian Jews.

"During the segment when you heard the Adhan when the explosion started, that is a Muslim call to prayer that over one billion people respond to five times a day peacefully to reconnect with God.

"She is actively promoting propaganda of the most vile, bilious, racist, Islamophobic kind worse than the propaganda which got people killed after 9/11."

There was also backlash from supporters of Israel who were upset that her clothing lines had been removed from the luxury shopping platforms.

One user wrote: "@NETAPORTER I am thoroughly disgusted that you removed Dodo Bar Or for saying Hamas is ISIS. She said the same thing President Biden said. I spend over $100k a year with you, but not anymore. I have no words."

Dodo Bar Or
A search for Dodo Bar Or's clothing line on the website shows "error" on the page X

"The successful Israeli designer Dodo Bar-Or's designs were removed from various fashion sites simply because she is an Israeli who expressed her devastation following the shocking massacre of children and adults by Hamas," wrote another user.

"As an Israeli who has been shopping at Net-a-Porter, My Theresa and more, I intend to stop purchasing there. It's a shame that they are frightened by 'influential women' and are dragged into Antisemitic acts.

"What is worse is that they don't realize that they are next in line. Hamas will come to the West and massacre them as part of their desire to take over," the post read.