Dodging parking fee? Honda Odyssey skips Grand Hyatt Singapore car fee exiting from entrance [VIDEO]

In the most unlikely circumstance, a Honda Odyssey car had been caught in a dash cam of another car at Grand Hyatt Singapore's car park where the suspect exited from the entrance to dodge parking fees.

The hotel management has now been alerted for the still unidentified escapees who drove a red Odyssey out of a car park through the entrance gate. In a dash cam video shared on Tuesday, December 26 by a certain Alvin Lee, the fleeing car can be seen waiting for an oncoming car to pass through the entryway while a male cohort was looking out for it.

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The car's plate number was identified to be SLF-3526-G. The incident happened in the afternoon on Christmas.

"I was driving out of Grand Hyatt Hotel carpark on 25 Dec around 1206pm. This Honda Odyssey SLF3526G get his/her passenger to lookout for incoming direction cars so that they can exit illegally from the opposite direction just to save on carpark. Do you think this is acceptable?" writes Lee on his Facebook post on Tuesday.

According to reports, the modus operandi is clearly to avoid paying the S$5 parking fee at Grand Hyatt Singapore located on Scott Road.

Honday Odyssey escapes Grand Hyatt Singapore's carpark
The male cohort looks out for the oncoming car Alvin Lee/Facebook
Honday Odyssey escapes Grand Hyatt Singapore's carpark
The oncoming car passes through the entryway Alvin Lee/Facebook
Hondy Odyssey escapes Grand Hyatt Singapore's carpark
The Honda Odyssey exits through the entrance while the male cohort runs through the exit Alvin Lee/Facebook
Honda Odyssey escapes Grand Hyatt Singapore's carpark
The male cohort hops into the car Alvin Lee/Facebook

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Commentators on the said video have encouraged the uploader to report the said vehicle. Nevertheless, the video has been shared by concerned netizens on the hotel's Facebook page, while Lee also shared it on the SG Road Vigilante page to warn citizens of the said unruliness.

Grand Hyatt Singapore has yet to comment on the incident.

This article was first published on December 27, 2017