Doctors cast

The stars of SBS drama 'Doctors' have ended almost a year back but Park Shin Hye and Kim Min Suk have been posting photos recently to show how close they are even after the finale of the show.

On June 16, Park Shin Hye posted a picture with Lee Sung Kyung, Ji Yi Soo, and Yoon Kyun Sang on her Instagram account.

According to Soompi, she also captioned the photo saying, "When the eldest is the cutest." She also went mentioned that the four decided to randomly meet in the spur of the moment.

On June 17, Kim Min Suk posted a picture of a mini-reunion of the cast on his Instagram. The photo also featured Park Shin Hye, Ji Yi Soo, and Lee Sung Kyung.

However, it is noted that the stars were wearing different clothes in different pictures which indicate that all of them met on a different day.

They looked happy and gave silly expressions showing off that they are still as close as the eve of the finale.

As the name of the drama suggests, the story was about a doctor, Hye-Jung who when was young had a really difficult life. She was good at studies and also at fighting. Overcoming her situation was really tough but she eventually becomes a doctor.

In other news, Doctor's writer, Ha Myung-hee will be returning with a new drama titled 'Temperature of Love'. The drama will be an adaptation of her novel Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone.

Temperature of Love is reportedly a romantic comedy in which the heroine of the drama is an aspiring drama screenwriter, she strikes up a conversation with a stranger online with the handle Nice Soup and develops a nice rapport with him who dreams of becoming a French cuisine chef.