Do You Like Brahms? Story, Cast, Premiere, Live Stream Details and More

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim actor Kim Min Jae will portray a highly-talented pianist Park Joon Young in the upcoming SBS drama Do You Like Brahms?

Do You Like Brahms? is an upcoming musical drama that will premiere on SBS towards the end of this month. It will follow a group of students from a renowned music college and focus on their struggles. The mini-series will feature Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim actor Kim Min Jae and Hot Stove League actress Park Eun Bin in lead roles.

In the drama, Min Jae will portray a highly talented pianist Park Joon Young, and Eun Bin will play the role of a violinist named Chae Song Ah. It will also introduce Hospital Playlist actor Kim Sung Cheol and Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung actress Park Ji Hyun in equally important roles. Sung Cheol will represent a cellist named Han Hyun Ho, who is also a friend of Joon Young. And, Ji Hyun will appear in the musical drama as violinist Lee Jung Lying. She is a long-time friend of Song Ah.

What is the Story of Do You Like Brahms?

This television drama is written by screenwriter Ryu Bo Ri and directed by producing director Jo Young Min. It will follow a group of students at a famous music college as they chase their dreams to be among the best musicians in the world. Though some of the characters, like Joon Young, are very close to their goals, they struggle in their personal lives. The mini-series will also show how the thirst for love and affection brings to people close to each other.

The production team for this television drama described it as a drama with a perfect combination of beautiful cinematography, refreshing script, and a group of talented cast members. According to the team, the mini-series will surely capture the attention of many drama lovers when it airs on SBS in the late summers and early fall.

Do You Like Brahm?
A teaser image of upcoming SBS drama Do You Like Brahms? SBS

Who are the Supporting Cast Members of this Musical Drama?

The mini-series will feature Less Than Evil actress Bae Da Bin as a musician named Kang Min Sung. It will also feature A Piece Of Your Mind actress Ye Soo Jung as the head of Kyung Hoo Cultural Foundation Na Moon Sook. Other supporting cast members of this musical drama are Kim Jong Tae, Seo Jung Yeon, Choi Dae Hoon, Yang Jo-A, Ahn Sang Eun, Lee Ji Won, Baek Ji Won, Gil Hae Yeon, and Joo Suk Tae among others.

When will Do You Like Brahms? Premiere on SBS and How to Watch it Live Online?

The musical drama will begin it's telecast on Monday, August 31, at 10.20 p.m. KST. K-Drama fans can watch the show by tuning in to SBS every Monday and Tuesday at at the same time. Every episode of the mini-series will also be made available on SBS' official website. Korean drama lovers from across the globe can also watch the drama with sub-titles on various streaming sites.

Watch a Trailer of this Upcoming SBS Drama below: