Do You Know These Top 5 Influencers From Singapore? They are Setting Parenting Standards Sky-High for Everyone

Social media has become an unbreakable part of daily life, and there are both positive and flip sides to it. Modern parents have found a better way of utilizing it to spread positivity and happiness through it. Parenting influencers are of great help for modern-day childcare. Many Singapore families follow and love parenting influencers for the kind of tips and suggestions they provide on Instagram, be it dressing up the kids or education, or vacations.

Let's see who are these beautiful parents.

Jian Hao Tan

Jian Hao Tan and his wife Debbie are both established YouTube content creators in Singapore, They have a very cute daughter Starley. Trio makes a very adorable and ideal family. Jian hao posts many updates about Starley's upbringing and milestones. He also creates posts about how he is fulfilling dad's responsibilities, bonding, and spending time with Starley. Jian Hao and Debbie have shown how they manage work-life and family-life balance by sharing responsibilities including raising Starley. They are using their positive influence on netizens by setting up an example of good parenting.

Jian Hao Tan

The Genesis Family

Famous digital creator Seraphina, her husband, and 3 kids make a loveable family. They create daily vlogs about their life, traveling, unboxing new products, etc on YouTube. Their account has 112,000 followers on Instagram. The page gives very positive vibes about how a family of 6 is always glued together and making both professional and personal life a big family goal for others. They have endorsed many brands like many brands, such as PediaSure, Traveloka, Colgate, Koko Crunch, and many others. They have set parenting standards really high for everyone.

the genesis family

Puja Kwatra

Content Creator and Cancer Survivor Puja Kwatra's page is the best to scroll if you are looking for some healthy pieces of advice on how to lead a happy life with your family and how the family stays together during the toughest time of life. This mom blogger posts about values, motivation, family outings, festivals, and a lot more. She has 77,000 followers on Instagram. She has endorsed brands like Hello Kitty, you Rewards Club, SunoHada, skipped, etc.

Pooja Kwatra Family

Lian Meiting

A young mom sharing her motherhood story, Lian Meiting has 63,000 followers on Instagram. Lian has a cute family with a loving husband and two young kids. She posts many twinning pictures with her daughter. Lian's page is a perfect depiction of a modern-day mom who is raising he children well and managing her professional responsibilities equally. She promotes brands like Macqueza, Pineaapletarts, Sometimes by Asian Designs, Motherswork, Enfagrow, etc.

Laian Meiting family

Calista Evangelista

Supermom 2019 winner Calista is a rising influencer with 31,000 followers. She is a sexy mom who shows that motherhood doesn't mean sacrificing anything. Her profile is a wholesome one, where she posts twinning pictures with her daughter, socializing, family vacations, etc. She promotes many brands including Lasenza, Bouncefun, Pure Detailing, etc.

Calista Supermom