DO NOT try this: TikTok user faces near-death experience doing risky underwater stunt [VIDEOS]

Despite facing the near-death experience, the TikTok user attempted to swim under a sheet of ice on a frozen lake at Laketown, Utah again

TikTok has undoubtedly become one of the most popular social media platforms with over 60 million users worldwide. Many incidents in the past have proved that its users are willing to go to any extent just to become popular and attract more followers.

In such an attempt to impress four lakh followers, a TikTok user Jason Clark performed a freaking underwater stunt and faced a near-death experience. Clark, who is just seen wearing shorts, tried to swim under a sheet of ice on a frozen lake at Laketown, Utah. However, within moments he lost the sense of direction and is seen struggling to come back.

"I have never been this close to dying in my life. Another second or two I wouldn't have made it. Last moment I popped out of the ice. Real reality check! (sic)," the influencer wrote on his Instagram page.

What exactly happened?

TikTok user's underwater stunt
TikTok user's underwater stunt gets mixed response from social media users. jasontodolist/Instagram

From Clark's recent Instagram posts, it is understood that his eyeballs froze quickly and despite trying to come back, the surface of the water where he had made a hole didn't look any different than the bottom of the ice. The entire stunt was filmed by his partner Abby Mcdonald, who apparently didn't understand the severity of the situation thinking it was one of Clark's jokes.

"I was so short on breath I couldn't really see anymore. I had accepted that was it and I wasn't going to make it. I swung my hand at what I though was just a lighter spot of ice and my hand came through. I then got a ton of energy to stand up. It took 2-3 breaths to regain my vision after resurfacing (sic)," Clark shared his experience while sharing the video of the dangerous stunt.

He tried it again!

However, this near-death experience didn't stop the daredevil as he attempted to perform the fatal stunt yet again. But this time, he took some safety precautions like goggles to protect the eyes and made a huge exit hole. "Second attempt went a little better. You have to try it twice! Added a little more safety. The exit hole is almost comically big (sic)," he added while sharing the video of his second attempt.

How netizens reacted

This risky act has attracted many netizens with them expressing their desire to try it. However, it hasn't gone well with many others, who have requested Clark not to do such stupid acts again to get more followers. "Are you kidding me?? Why promote this? I sincerely hope nobody attempts this same thing after seeing your videos. What an irresponsible way to use your platform," an Instagram user commented.


Stupidity at its finest. People do anything for likes and fame.


Really why are you doing this? And now someone else will try it and really die I just can't ‍♀️ this is so irresponsible.


No sympathy man , play stupid games win stupid prizes , all this for clout on social media


My dads buddy tried this. My dad snapped a pic of him sitting on the edge of the hole smiling, giving the thumbs up, just before he went under. He never surfaced. And my dad never got over it. Growing up on a lake in Canada, we were taught early to fear the ice. Your first attempt is a great example of how quickly you can become disoriented under that ice. You're luckier than you probably realize my friend.

Here is the video of Clark's first stunt performance:

This was his initial reaction:

But still, he tried it for the second time: