Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Premiere: All you Need to Know About New KBS Drama

The upcoming KBS drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is likely to feature a love triangle between Go Ara, Lee Jae Wook, and Kim Joo Heon

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is two days away from its premiere. The production team has shared many interesting details about it with Korean drama lovers worldwide. Apart from releasing several teasers and posters of the drama, they also shared in-depth character details of each of the cast members.

In the mini-series, lead cast members Go Ara, Lee Jae Wook, and Kim Joo Heon are likely to get entangled in a love triangle. Six of the newly released stills for this romance drama tease complicated relationships between the three main characters. While the first three images feature the onscreen relationship between Go Ara and Jae Wook, the next three stills focus on Joo Heon and Go Ara.

The female lead maintains close contact with both the male leads, though the two characters are very different from each other. As Goo La La finds Jae Wook's character (Sun Woo Joon) a tough man with a cool personality, she thinks Joo Heon's character (Cha Eun Seok) is a sentimental person with a comfortable attitude, Go Ara said.

Meanwhile, Jae Wook said the relationship between Woo Joon and Go Ara's character (Goo La La) is a very interesting one. La La and Woo Joon will be much closer than a debtor and a lender, the actor said. "I think Woo Joon is attracted to La La," he added.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
The cast and crew of upcoming romantic comedy drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol during its first scripting reading. KBS

How is Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol different from other musical dramas?

The mini-series revolves around the complicated relationships between pianist Goo La La, mysterious young man Sun Woo Joon, and Cha Eun Seok. It is written by Screenwriter Oh Ji Young of Shopping King Louie fame and directed by producing director Kim Min Kyung of Matrimonial Chaos fame.

The producers of this drama said the show is filled with heart-fluttering and funny moments. "We weren't bored for even a single moment, as actors who can skillfully bring out their characters' qualities had gathered in one place. You can look forward to the synergy between the actors who added their own colors to their characters and amplified their charms," they added.

When will Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol premiere and how to watch it online?

The romance drama will premiere on KBS Wednesday, August 26, at 9.30 p. m. KST. People in Korea can watch the mini-series by tuning in to KBS every Wednesday and Thursday. For Korean drama lovers from other parts of the world, it will be available on various streaming sites with subtitles.