Dmitry Tsvetkov: Russian Oligarch Claims He Wanted Tom Cruise to Play Himself in a Movie but Actor Started Dating His Wife Elsina Khayrova

A source told the outlet that they were "inseparable" and appeared to be a couple, with the Top Gun star seemingly enamored with her.

A Russian oligarch, who survived two assassination attempts in the UK, revealed that he initially wanted Tom Cruise to portray him in a movie. However, he abandoned the idea after discovering that the Hollywood star was romantically involved with his ex-wife of 10 years Elsina Khayrova, who is the daughter of a prominent Russian Member of Parliament.

Dmitry Tsvetkov separated from Khayrova and the divorce proceedings were contentious and had to be brought to the High Court earlier this year. Khayrova, a mother of two, suffered a setback when a judge concluded that she was "guilty of sustained duplicity," including falsehoods about the ownership of a nearly $1 million bag.

Stealing His Wife

Dmitry Tsvetkov Elsina Khayrova
Dmitry Tsvetkov with his ex-wife of 10 years Elsina Khayrova X

However, Khayrova has managed to overcome these challenges and make a recovery. Earlier this week, the Daily Mail reported that the 36-year-old model had been spotted canoodling with Tom Cruise at an exclusive party in London's Mayfair.

A source told the outlet that they were "inseparable" and appeared to be a couple, with the Top Gun star seemingly enamored with her.

Elsina Khayrova
Elsina Khayrova X

According to a new report in the Daily Mail, Tsvetkov has now alleged Cruise, 61, of stealing his wife, while he was planning to make a film on himself with the actor portraying his character.

Tsvetkov said that he learned about the relationship when the story was published online, finding the discussions about the romance particularly surreal.

The Russian tycoon, known for his role as an international deal mediator and diamond trader, shared with the Telegraph, " After the judgment in August, a friend of mine who is a producer in Hollywood said 'why don't we do a movie?'"

"It would be about the three assassination attempts, about the divorce. And I said 'fine but only if Tom Cruise can be the actor."

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Reuters

"When I was at school in Russia the guy was so popular. I have enjoyed his movies and he is a great actor. I would make the movie like Mission: Impossible because that is how it's happened to me."

He added that although Cruise is almost two decades older than him, they share similar weights and heights.

No Cruise Control

Cruise and Khayrova were seen arriving together at a party in Grosvenor Square. Khayrova was dressed in a strapless black dress adorned with a diamanté bow. She posed for pictures alongside Avramenko Aliena, a former Miss Europe contestant, before joining her Hollywood-royalty plus one on the dance floor.

Elsina Khayrova
Elsina Khayrova X

"They were inseparable – clearly a couple," one guest at the almost entirely Russian event told the Daily Mail. "He seemed to be besotted with her."

Meanwhile, Cruise has not been publicly associated with anyone since his divorce from his third wife, Katie Holmes, 15 years ago. However, there have been recent rumors linking him to celebrities such as Shakira and his Mission: Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell.

While Tom Cruise remains reserved about his personal relationships, the American Scientologist is known for expressing his liking for Britain. He often shares his admiration for the politeness and pleasant demeanor of the people in the country.

Elsina Khayrova
Elsina Khayrova X

The actor explained: "I guess I'm an Anglophile. I spend a lot of time in Britain and that's not just for work reasons. I just love being here."

In 2021, Tom Cruise was notably present at three high-profile events in a single day, making appearances at Goodwood, Wimbledon, and the Euros football final.

He also celebrated his 60th birthday with a party held in the Cotswolds, where guests included David Beckham, James Corden, and Gordon Ramsay.