DJI GO update adds new functions, improvements for Phantom 3

The latest DJI GO update is intended for Phantom 3 variants which can be manually downloaded from APK Mirror.

Leading consumer drone manufacturer DJI has released the latest update for its DJI GO app, bringing a host of fresh tweaks and additional functionalities under the hood.

DJI GO for Android on Thursday, October 26 started to receive new features in a long time. An additional album feature enables users to categorise captured photos and videos. The app also allows users to mark out favourite music in the library.

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In terms of immediate editing, customisable opening titles have been loaded so users have the option to change text titles on a given template. On top of that, editing a single shot can now be tilt-shifted, while four new transitions are available to use for a more animated video play.

Performance updates have been added to the music library as well as the opening scenes. General improvements make DJI GO app's login and registration process more simple, while there is an added access to the Unmanned Aerial System Training Centre.

The latest update is intended for DJI Phantom 3 variants. DJI GO 3.1.18 weighs 96.82 megabytes which Android device owners can now download from APK Mirror.

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Meanwhile, the Chinese technology giant and electronics company Epson recently devised a way to directly connect a DJI drone remote controller to Epson Moverio BT-300FPV smart glasses. With the help of an augmented reality flight simulator by Y Media Labs, the integration of the smart glasses and remote control allows users to simulate a drone flight for rehearsal purposes.

This reduces the risk of crashing the drones and as a result, extend the shelf life of the device. The app will be available starting November 6.