DJ DOC's Lee Ha Neul announces divorce from non-celebrity wife, girlfriend of 11 years

DJ DOC's Lee Ha Neul had married Quince on October 10, 2018 after dating her for 11 years. She is 17 years younger to the rapper. Ha Neul's agency Super Jan Records released the divorce statement

Lee Ha Neul

DJ DOC's Lee Ha Neul has announced his divorce from his non-celebrity wife after two years of marriage. The couple dated for 11 long years before getting married on October 10, 2018.

Lee Ha Neul's agency Super Jam Records released a statement in this regard today (February 24) and apologized to the group's fans.

The statement read: "Hello, this is Super Jam Records.

We are releasing this statement to inform you about the divorce of our label's rapper Lee Ha Neul.

First, we would like to express our apologies for sharing news of this kind to those who congratulated and supported Lee Ha Neul's marriage. The two people decided to finish their married life after much careful thought. They reached an agreement, went through the divorce procedures, and have agreed to cheer each other on while going their respective ways.

As this is Lee Ha Neul's personal matter, we ask you to avoid spreading indiscriminate speculations and false facts about the divorce. Once again, we express our apologies for the unfortunate news."

Lee Ha Neul dated the non-celebrity girl who was 17 years younger to him. Rapper Lee Ha Neul publicly announced his relationship with her in 2009. Since then the couple took part in various TV shows together. The couple at last tied the knot in 2018 at Jeju Island in a private wedding.

It was an unofficial wedding as there was no officiant present. MC Ding Dong acted as the MC and their close friend Im Chang Jung sang the congratulatory song. Only immediate family members and close friends were in attendance including HaHa, Jinusean's Jinu, SBS's "Flaming Youth" members Kim Kwang Gyu, Choi Sung Gook, and Goo Bon Seung.

Soon after the wedding, Na Neul released a statement addressing his wife, Quince (her nickname). He thanked her for waiting for him for 11 years. "Congratulations to me, and everyone please mourn for Quince," he had written.

He had told also said that Quince was not only his wife but a friend he could always lean on. He appreciated her for being with him in hard times too. "We've climbed so many mountains together. I have my team DOC, but she's my other team. She's my partner for life."

At the end of his statement, though, he had raised the question,"'Can we both be happy?", and his conclusion was "I'll do my best to make her happy."

DJ DOC made his debut in 1994. Lee Ha Neul is not only a singer but has also written many songs for the group. Currently, Ha Neul appears in Burning Youth program of SBS.