Disturbing Video Shows Former NFL Player Beating Ex-Girlfriend Brutally in Front of 5-Month-Old Son

Horrifying footage showed ex NFL star Zac Stacy ramming his ex-girlfriend into a TV during an aggressive altercation.

A former NFL player is accused of violently beating his ex-girlfriend right in front of their 5-month-old son. The horrific incident, which was caught on camera, is said to have taken place at the woman's house in Florida on Saturday, November 13. 30-year-old Zac Stacy, who played for the Jets in eight games in 2015, punched his ex-girlfriend several times before picking her up and ramming her into the TV before walking over to see the baby, TMZ reported citing court documents.

The aggressive altercation took place during an argument between the couple and was caught on video. A portion of the footage obtained by TMZ showed Stacy picking up the woman from the couch and slinging her into the TV violently and walking away. The TV appeared to fall on her. The woman could be seen lying on the ground. Stacy then walked up to her and appeared to threaten her while she proceeded to plead with him to stop.

Altercation caught on camera
Altercation caught on camera Screen grab Twitter @bougieeats

Zac Stacy fled the scene

The woman could be heard begging Stacy to stop hitting her throughout the video. According to TMZ, the woman called cops on Stacy immediately after the attack. However, Stacy fled the scene before officers could arrive at the scene. One of the woman's friends posted the video on her Twitter handle.

The woman, who alleged that Stacy came over to the house to see their son, reportedly applied for a restraining order with the court for herself and her son. The woman described her ordeal and noted that after Stacy threw her into the TV, he told her that she was destructive. He then picked her up and slammed her again, this time to the baby's bouncy seat. Stacy then told the baby 'i love you' before fleeing the scene. The woman then alleged that she was hospitalized and received treatment for a possible head wound, as well as bumps and bruises. A rep for Stacy was not available for comments.