Disturbing Bodycam Footage Shows Louisiana Trooper Beating Black Man 18 Times with Flashlight

Graphic bodycam video kept secret for 2 years shows a Louisiana trooper ruthlessly beating a black motorist 18 times with his flashlight as he screams "I'm not resisting" — leaving him with a broken jaw, wrist and ribs.

The footage from the May 2019 incident is seven minutes long. Aaron Larry Bowman, 46, was left with several broken bones and a gash to his head as a result of the May 2019 beating from deputies, who forced him from his car and onto the ground after stopping him near his home in Monroe, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

The attack was orchestrated by white Louisiana State Police trooper Jacob Brown.

'They Hit Me in the Head with a Flashlight'

Brown can be seen on video whaling Bowman with an 8-inch aluminum flashlight reinforced with a pointed end to shatter car glass, reported the New York Post.

"Give me your f—— hands!" the trooper shouted. "I ain't messing with you."

Bowman tried to explain that he was a dialysis patient, had done nothing wrong and wasn't resisting, saying, "I'm not fighting you, you're fighting me."

Aaron Larry Bowman
Aaron Larry Bowman was reportedly struck 18 times by a Louisiana state trooper state trooper Twitter

Brown responded with: "Shut the f—k up!" and "You ain't listening."

From the ground, Bowman can later can be heard moaning. "I'm bleeding!"

"They hit me in the head with a flashlight!"

The disturbing beating left Bowman with three broken ribs, a broken wrist, a broken jaw and a deep laceration on his head that required six staples.

Louisiana State Police Trooper Jacob Brown
Louisiana State Police Trooper Jacob Brown came under fire after bodycam footage of him beating a black motorist came to light with a flashlight more than two years ago. Twitter

FBI to Handle This Case?

The Department of Justice said this case is the subject of a criminal investigation being handled by the FBI, "along with career prosecutors in the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Louisiana and the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice."

As part of the probe, investigators are working to determine whether there's a history of abuse in interactions between troopers in Troop F and Black people, two sources familiar with the process previously confirmed to CNN.

Louisiana state trooper
Newly-obtained police bodycam footage shows a Louisiana state trooper pummeling a black motorist 18 times with his flashlight Twitter grab

Brown resigned from the state police in March, 2021. He is under federal investigation, has been hit with state charges over the beating and was found by state police to have "engaged in excessive and unjustifiable actions." However, Brown has defended his actions as "pain compliance."

Bowman is not seen on the new video being violent with officers. Still, he was charged with battery of a police officer, resisting an officer and the traffic violation for which he was initially stopped, improper lane usage, the AP said.

Social Media Reactions

Social media users have slammed Brown for his 'nasty' behavior. Internet users are calling this incident as shameful and terrible.

One Twitter user wrote, "Qualified immunity needs to end and damages paid to victims of police need to come directly out of the offending officer's pension/savings. That will decrease bullsh*t like this right quick." Another wrote, "Unacceptable!!! American police need a complete training transformation, the devastating effects of poor training and personal bias are crushing and obliterate basic human rights!"

One comment read, "This is deplorable, but then they hid it. They hid it like cowards for almost two years. May it be that much worse for their department, and every person who was complicit." Whereas, another comment read, "This story reminds me of the Abner Louima attack all those years ago."