Disturbing Dashcam Footage Shows Hamas Terrorists Shooting Revelers at Point-Blank Range with Automatic Rifles at Tribe of Nova Festival [GRAPHIC]

Moments later, the extremist forcefully grabs the bloodied young man by the neck and drags him across the screen, suggesting a horrifying attempted abduction.

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Disturbing dashcam footage has surfaced that shows the chilling moment Hamas terrorists infiltrate an Israeli music festival and start firing at partygoers from point-blank range before ransacking their belongings during the bloodbath. At least 260 people were killed in the early morning assault on the Tribe of Nova festival, just two miles from the Gaza border on Saturday.

The distressing video, obtained by CNN, vividly portrayed the mayhem that unfolded as the terrorists launched their assault on the Tribe of Nova in the Negev Desert at the beginning of their invasion of Israel on Saturday. The footage sheds light on the chaotic and terrifying moments that transpired during the invasion.

Disturbing New Videos of Mayhem

Hamas shooting
The dishcam footage Hamas terrorist seen grabbing one of the revelers after ordering him to come out of hiding X

The latest harrowing video, timestamped 9:23 a.m., shows a heavily armed fanatic moving swiftly, seemingly instructing a terrified reveler to come out of hiding, all while the assailant fires rounds from his assault rifle into the ground.

Moments later, the extremist forcefully grabs the bloodied young man by the neck and drags him across the screen, suggesting a horrifying attempted abduction.

It remains unclear whether the gunman had shot the man, leaving his fate unknown.

As they disappear from the shot, a second festival-goer, who seemed to have been pretending to be dead behind another car, briefly raises his head to assess the danger. The clip is timestamped at 12:09 p.m.

In a matter of seconds, another militant dressed in a red T-shirt and track suit bottoms approaches and shoots the festival-goer in the head.

Following that, other Hamas terrorists begin to search through the pockets of the now lifeless reveler.

Hamas shooting
Another Hamas terrorist is seen shooting a reveler, who was pretending to be dead, in his head at point-blank range X

Moments later, a woman is seen being forcibly dragged out of a car and led away by the terrorists.

Other assailants are seen emptying a suitcase from another vehicle and looting its contents.

About five minutes later, the captured woman is seen with her hands raised in the air as gunshots ring out around her. The fate of the woman remains unknown, as reported by CNN, further adding to the distress and uncertainty surrounding this tragic event.

Senseless Bloodbath

The chilling footage was captured almost three hours into the attack, with eerie sirens blaring and black smoke drifting across the site, painting a grim picture of the unfolding tragedy. Shockingly, it took another six hours before Israeli forces arrived at the location.

Hamas shooting
Other Hamas militants are seen looting the dead reveler after killing him X

The festival attendees, primarily in their 20s and 30s, had gathered for a peaceful event in the desert, completely unaware that within moments, members of the Hamas militant group would descend from the skies to inflict terror.

The festival-goers appeared to be blissfully ignorant of the imminent danger hovering hundreds of feet above them, as shown in footage shared on TikTok.

Hamas shooting
Other Hamas gunmen are seen ransacking the car while a woman is held hostage, who likely was killed moments later X

In the footage captured shortly after sunrise, an eagle-eyed cameraperson abruptly zooms in on small grey dots in the air, which turn out to be Palestinian militants. These Hamas fighters had ingeniously infiltrated Israel, essentially undetected, by using paragliders to cross the typically heavily guarded frontier.

Among the revelers caught in the mayhem was Alexandre Look, a 33-year-old Canadian man. He was on the phone with his parents as he desperately tried to escape from the terrorists.

According to information shared by his parents with CBC, Alexandre and several others sought refuge in a bunker that lacked doors. "And then I heard him tell his friends, 'They're coming back! There's a lot of them! And then all I heard was a lot of gunshots, lots of rounds, and then we heard nothing," Look's mother, Raquel Ohnona Look, told CBC.

Look's parents said he died trying to protect others from the gunfire.

"Like a true warrior, he left as a hero wanting to protect the people he was with. Alex was a force of nature, endowed with a unique charisma and unparalleled generosity," his dad, Alain Haim Look, said on social media.

"The world will never be the same without you. Goodbye, my son, I love you, and watch over us from above," he added.

Shani Louk
Shani Louk's lifeless body seen being paraded on a truck by Hamas millitants X

One of the tragic victims of the attack was Shani Louk, a 23-year-old tattoo artist from Germany, who was last seen on camera enjoying the festival. Hours later, Hamas gunmen stripped her naked and allegedly murdered her. Her lifeless body was then paraded through the streets on a flatbed truck, accompanied by terrorists shouting "Allahu Akbar" – "God is great."

The Israeli death toll has now surged to at least 900, with the majority being civilians. Over 2,500 were reported wounded, as stated by IDF international spokesperson Lt. Col. (Res.) Jonathan Conricus.

In the Gaza Strip, retaliatory strikes by Israel have resulted in at least 704 deaths, including 140 children. Also over 3,720 have been wounded, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.