At A Distance Spring Is Green Premiere Recap; Episode 2 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

Park Ji Hoon starrer KBS drama At A Distance Spring Is Green premiered on Monday, June 14, introducing its lead characters – Yeo Joon, Nam Soo Hyun, and Kim So Bin. K-drama fans can know more about these three characters in the second episode that will air on Tuesday, June 15, at 9 pm KST.

The first episode began with the introduction of Ji Hoon as bubbly Yeo Joon, who is excited about his first day in college. His good looks and social status helped him become a popular student on the campus. He has his fan club, and he enjoys the fame. But Yeo Joon still feels lonely inside, and he is in search of a good friend.

On the other hand, Bae In Hyuk's character Soo Hyun is busy doing various part-time jobs for financial needs. He believes that dating and leisure are not part of his life. He never finds time to maintain a friendship or begin a new relationship, and he is known as the unfriendly student on the campus.

Meanwhile, Kang Min Ah's character So Bin is a loner who thinks hard work is important than anything else in life. She spends most of her time reading books or researching different topics of business studies. Her day begins with books, and it ends in the college library. So Bin is never tired of studying, but she is yet to get the desired result.

At A Distance Spring Is Green
KBS has released new stills of campus drama At A Distance Spring Is Green. KBS

A Quick Recap of At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 1:

Yeo Joon met Soo Hyun for the first time on the campus while attending a lecturer by Professor Park, played by Singer Eru, whose real name is Jo Seong Hyeon. During the class hours, Joon tried to wake Hyun and accidentally spilled his coffee. Joon quickly apologized to Hyun to make him his friend, but Hyun ignored him and walked away. Though Joon approached him again, Hyun turned a cold shoulder towards him.

In the meantime, So Bin curiously waited for her new roommate, and she was surprised to see fashion designing student Gong Min Joo (portrayed by Woo Da Vi) entering the room. After the first encounter itself, So Bin understood that her roommate is very different from her, and she needs to be prepared to deal with the new challenges.

On the next day, So Bin unexpectedly met Yeo Joon on her way to meet teaching assistant Seol (played by Lee Ye Rim). From Seol, So Bin found out that Professor Song Soo Kyung (portrayed by Cha Chung Hwa) has selected Joon as her assistant, something that she desperately wanted to do. So, she decided to approach Joon and ask him to help her become Professor Song's assistant.

At A Distance Spring Is Green
Stills from At A Distance Spring Is Green episode 2. KBS

So Bin volunteered to accompany newcomers on a day trip along with Soo Hyun. During the outing, the three lead characters got closer to each other, and So Bin took it as an opportunity to approach Joon. But he made things hard for her and asks her to become his close friend.

Other characters introduced in the first episode of At A Distance Spring Is Green include senior students Han Jung Ho and Oh Cheon Kook (portrayed by Lee Won Je and Yoo In Soo), Soo Hyun's Wang Young Ran (played by Kwon Eun Bin), So Bin's friend Hong Chan Ki (portrayed by Choi Jung Woo), and Yeo Joon's brother Yeo Joon Wan (played by Na In Woo).

How to Watch At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 2 Live Online?

In the second episode of this mini-series, the viewers can learn more about the friendship between So Bin, Soo Hyun, and Yeo Joon. The followers of this campus drama will also find out why Yeo Joon and his brother Yeo Joon Wan are at odds.

At A Distance Spring Is Green will return with a new episode on KBS this Tuesday, June 15, at 9 pm KST. K-drama fans can watch the second episode on TV or stream it on the official webpage for the broadcasting channel. Episode 2 of the campus drama is also available online here with subtitles.