At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 2 Recap: Big Revelations About Yeo Joon and Nam Soo Hyun

The second episode of this Park Ji Hoon starrer campus drama also introduced new characters to the viewers.

KBS campus drama At A Distance Spring Is Green aired its second episode on Tuesday, June 15. The chapter began with a conversation between Yeo Joon and Nam Soo Hyun. Gradually, it shifted its focus to Kim So Bin and her roommates. Then, the viewers got to know a bit about Yeo Joon's painful past and Nam Soo Hyun's family.

Episode 2 also introduced a few new characters to the viewers, including the parents of Yeo Joon. Actor Park Jae Wan and actress Oh Ji Young also made guest appearances in this chapter as the family members of Yep Joon. Another character introduced in this episode is Soo Hyun's brother Nam Go Hyun, portrayed by Kim Su Gyeon.

Three Big Revelations About Yeo Joon

Park Ji Hoon's character Yeo Joon was not as happy as he was in the premiere episode. He showed a different side of him to the viewers in the second episode. In this chapter, the character also introduced his family members to the viewers. At first, the viewers got to see him as a judgemental person. After a short interaction with Soo Hyun and So Bin, he started assuming everything about them. While he defined Soo Hyun as a person with an inferiority complex, he described So Bin as a cunning person.

Secondly, the character showed some symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome). He did not feel comfortable around dominating people, and he often tried to stay away from arguments and fights. But he was not able to avoid such situations at times, and they affected him badly. The fighting scene in episode 2 featured such a situation in which Yeo Joon asked his friend Han Jung Ho to stop beating Soo Hyun.

At A Distance Spring Is Green
Park Ji Hoon as Yeo Joon and Na In Woo as his brother Yeo Joon Wan in KBS drama At A Distance Spring Is Green. KBS

Thirdly, the chapter hinted at the complicated relationship between Yeo Joon and his parents. Both his parents are not happy with him since he was not able to rise to their expectations. His mother, Cha Jung Joo (portrayed by So Hee Jung), wants him to follow his elder brother Yeo Joon Wan (played by Na In Woo). According to his father, Yeo Myung Hoon (portrayed by Kim Hyung Mook), he is good for nothing.

A Big Revelation About Nam Soo Hyun

Meanwhile, In Hyuk's character, Soo Hyun, is the only breadwinner in the family. He wants his brother Nam Gu Hyun to graduate from a good university and secure a good job. But Gu Hyun plans to join the police force, and Soo Hyun is against it. His father was in the police force, and he lost him when he was a teenager.

The followers of this KBS campus drama will know more about the family backgrounds of Soo Hyun and Yeo Joon in the upcoming episodes. The next episode of At A Distance Spring Is Green will air on Monday, June 21, at 9 pm KST.