Discovery of methane on Mars heightens urge among scientists to look for alien life

A chief NASA scientist had recently revealed that the world is not prepared enough to accept the realities surrounding alien existence


As space exploration to discover extraterrestrial life continues, a section of space experts including NASA chief scientist Dr Jim Green believes that alien living forms, at least in its microbial form could be discovered on Mars in the near future. Now, results from two recent studies are turning out to be milestones in the field of astrobiology.

Organic compounds on Mars

Several space scientists believe that Mars, once had the right conditions to host life, and there were even rivers flowing across the Red Planet. Adding up the heat to these assumptions, a recent study had found evidence that ancient Mars once had organic compounds, which are basically carbon compounds, widely considered essential ingredients of life on the earth.

Recent data sent by NASA's Curiosity Rover suggests that complex organic molecules were present in Mars' Gale Crater. Even though the presence of these organic compounds is not conclusive evidence of alien life that once harbored on the Red Planet, experts believe that this discovery could help upcoming missions to find a perfect place to look for traces of life.

Fluctuating methane levels

Since 2014, experts at NASA have known that methane exists in the Martian atmosphere. And a recent study has discovered that the methane levels on Mars fluctuate throughout the seasons. Interestingly, another study conducted by NASA, the United States space agency had discovered sudden fluctuations in the Martian oxygen level.

The new finding literally shocked space scientists at NASA, as they have no explanation for the unusual oxygen level fluctuation on Mars. It should be also noted that this is for the first time that such a discovery is being made on the Red Planet.

Other gases

During the study, space experts noted that gases like nitrogen and argon behaved predictably throughout the year, but oxygen levels rose through the spring and summer.

As several scientists believe that alien disclosure will be made in the next decade, Dr Jim Green, who predicted the alien discovery within 2021 believes that the world is not prepared enough to accept the realities surrounding extraterrestrial existence.

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