Discover the Best Cloud Storage Lifetime Deal This Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is here and that means a ton of great deals and discounts left and right, including cloud storage services. Cloud storage plays an important role in securely storing and saving your files, so it's great that you can save big on cloud storage services right now.

The best and most practical deal you shouldn't miss is pCloud's one-time payment plan. They are offering a whopping 85% discount for 500GB, 2TB, and 10TB storage space. This deal is definitely worth your money!

How Does pCloud Work?

With over 16 million users worldwide, pCloud proves its reliability by storing files in at least three different server locations in a highly secure data warehouse in Europe. It also uses TLS/SSL encryption when transferring data from your device to the pCloud servers. You won't have to worry about losing any of your important files wherever you go.

You can access your data anywhere through a web-based user interface, mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, and virtual hard drives on desktop computers that are compatible with macOS, Linux, and Windows. It also allows you to access special features, including file sharing, automatic backups, and multi-device synchronization.

In case you don't have a WiFi or data connection, you can get offline access to all of the files you previously synchronized anytime you want. Overall, pCloud is easy to use. You can edit, collaborate, and share files, even the larger ones, smoothly on any of your preferred devices.

Secure Your Files in The Safest and Most Convenient Way Possible

pCloud makes tasks easier to accomplish, whether at work or at school. You can get everything done, from working on a project and making a report or presentation to sharing and sending files to other people.

Share and Receive Files Safely

In fact, pCloud offers multiple ways to share and receive files through web interfaces and apps. You can share files with your friends, workmates, or schoolmates, even if they don't have a pCloud account. They can view and download the shared files from any browser as long as they have access to the link. You can even add security by setting a password or expiration date on the shared link.


You can receive files directly to your pCloud account by sending file requests so recipients can upload files without actually getting access to your account. There is also a special folder called Public Folder, where you can create direct links to files and folders to share your files however you want using your pCloud as a hosting service.

Backup and Sync With Ease

Backing up your files is an essential step to securing them. pCloud automatically backs up any folder and syncs important files, making them accessible on any device with or without an internet connection. There are no file size or speed limits when uploading and downloading files, including high-resolution videos.

Photo from pCloud

Any changes you make will be applied to your pCloud account and device. You can back up all of your photos and videos directly from your phone to save space on your device while still getting access to it whenever you want. Aside from that, you can preview files stored for 15 days and restore previous versions.

Guarantee Privacy and Security

Since the main purpose of cloud storage services is security and safety, pCloud encrypts your sensitive files on any device, making them invisible to and safely hidden from others. With client-side encryption, all your confidential files are locked into your device and protected from unauthorized access, even if your device gets stolen or goes missing.

Crypto Pass

It also applies zero-knowledge privacy, where no encryption keys are uploaded or stored on pCloud's servers. The encryption key called Crypto Pass can only be accessed by the one who creates it. pCloud is the first-ever cloud storage provider offering encrypted and non-encrypted folders in the same account as a natural approach to encrypting all important files.

pCloud's Black Friday Deal

The best way to use pCloud's smart features and enjoy its advantages is to avail of Lifetime Plans this Black Friday Sale. You may choose from three individual Lifetime Plans with up to 85% off:

  • 500 GB Premium Lifetime with 75% discount: €139 (original price, €570)
  • 2 TB Premium Plus Lifetime with 75% discount: €279 (original price €1,140)
  • 10 TB Custom Lifetime with 85% discount: €890 (original price €6,000)

When you purchase your desired plan, you don't have to pay for storage again unless you decide to upgrade the space to your account. This exciting deal is only available until November 27, though, so grab it now before it's too late and discover what pCloud has to offer.