Disc-shaped UFO spotted above Mount Everest [VIDEO]

Mount Everest
Mount Everest Reuters

Many conspiracy theorists all around the world believe that the mystic mountains of Himalayas are home to advanced alien civilizations, and several times, they have claimed that these beings are living in Himalayan underground bases. Now, an eerie video featuring a disc-shaped UFO above the Himalayas has gone viral on social media platforms.

The video uploaded on YouTube by the channel 'UFO Today' is basically made after stitching together 477 images taken by mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears.

The images were stitched together as a video to portray the mountain ranges in its full glory, but the beauty of Everest was literally overshadowed by a spooky object spotted at a very high altitude. The channel claims that no helicopters or drones can fly at such high altitude and that the shape clearly indicates that the object's shape is unfamiliar.

"When we zoom in on one of the mountains left to mount Everest we can see a UFO flying above the summit. The object resembles a flying disc of some sort and it's clearly there since we can see it's silhouette. Judging it's height from Mount Everest it's safe to say this object is flying way above the height where helicopters or drones would operate," wrote the channel in the video's description.

This is not the first time that spooky stories about the Himalayas are going viral online. A year back, there was an incident reported where Hindu pilgrims on their way to Mount Kailash saw a streak of glowing triangular flying objects in the skies. When researchers investigated the incident, local residents conveyed that these sightings are quite common in and around the area.

Apart from stories related to aliens, many people also claim that Yeti or abominable snowman also lives in the mountain ranges of Himalayas. However, no solid pieces of evidence have been obtained so far to substantiate the existence of these beings.

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