Is DinDin in a relationship? Rapper reveals who is the mystery woman in the photo

DinDin reveals the 'girlfriend' is his sister.

DinDin has addressed the dating reports Facebook/dindinofficial

Rapper DinDin has denied reports that he is in a relationship. Fans pictured him with a mystery woman, and instantly thought that the female is his girlfriend.

After the rumours started getting stronger, DinDin revealed that the person is his sister. In an Instagram story, he stated: "Today, I went shopping with my older sister to the duty-free mall. Someone DMed me that they saw me with a woman, and even took photos. There were a lot of beautiful women around, but why did they take it with my sister, out of all people? Ah, it's so frustrating. Why my sister? I'm going to [get a better scandal] next time."

DinDin, who is single at the moment, gave relationships advices to his fans, during a session of Naver 'V' app's 10 PM Season 2 Yang Jae Jin and DinDin's Love Counseling. A fan revealed he is fed up of his girlfriend after she constantly threatens to break-up with him.

DinDin responded: "One time, she was threatening to break up again, and I got so mad that I told her that we should really split and didn't answer her calls. Then she came to my house and things got chaotic. I boldly told her that I'm really going to breakup [with her] if she says that again, and that fixed her habit [of constantly threatening to breakup]."