Dimas de Oliveira: Brazilian Soccer Star Under Investigation Over Death of Nursing Student Who Suffered Four Heart Attacks after Sexual Encounter with Him

A doctor informed the family of the young woman that her death resulted from four cardiac arrests and blood loss due to a five-centimeter cut in her vagina.

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A teen nursing student died during a sex session with an aspiring Brazilian football star. Soccer player Dimas de Oliveira, 18, is currently being investigated in connection to the death of a 19-year-old nursing student who died after suffering "four heart attacks" following a night of sexual activity with the sports star.

De Oliveira, a player for Corinthians under-20, told Sao Paulo authorities that Livia da Silva, 19, fell ill at his apartment on Tuesday after having sex. He called for an ambulance, telling authorities that she had fainted. However, when paramedics arrived at the scene, they found the teenager was "bleeding from the vagina." An investigation has been launched.

Mysterious Death After Having Sex

Dimas de Oliveira
Dimas de Oliveira X

Paramedics gave Lavia de Silva CPR and put her in the ambulance, where she suffered a second cardiac arrest. Upon arrival at the local Emergency Department in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she suffered two more cardiac arrests and died.

Police investigators have reportedly requested Livia da Silva's medical records, as per Brazilian news outlet G1. As of now, the official cause of death is still pending confirmation.

A doctor informed the family of the young woman that her death resulted from four cardiac arrests and blood loss due to a five-centimeter cut in her vagina.

During an investigation at de Oliveira's home on Wednesday, traces of blood were found on his bed mattress and the floor. Authorities also recovered a condom and two electronic cigarettes.

Da Silva, who was the daughter of a police officer, told her parents that she is going to meet a friend at a restaurant to watch the top division Serie A match between Corinthians and São Paulo. Instead, she visited de Oliveira at his home.

Suspense Builds Up

Livia da Silva
Livia da Silva X

De Oliveira told the police that he connected with da Silva on Instagram two months ago. He said that no drugs or alcoholic beverages were taken at his home, although da Silva had a beer in the afternoon before their encounter.

He further said that da Silva smoked from her two electronic cigarettes and fell ill during their second sexual intercourse.

At the hospital, tensions escalated between De Oliveira and da Silva's father, nearly resulting in a physical altercation. Police intervention was necessary to separate the two.

"Dimas remains at the disposal of the police authorities to provide any and all clarifications," said de Oliveira's attorney, Tiago Lenoir, by G1. "He is quite shaken, dismayed by all of this."

Lenoir told Metropoles that de Oliveira "confirmed that they had consensual sexual relations using a condom."

De Oliveira is currently on loan from Coimbra to Corinthian's under-20 club until January 2025.

The club said in statement that "it is closely following the development of the facts related to the episode involving one of its base athletes on Tuesday night, 1/30/2024. We reinforce that the club awaits the investigation of the facts and is available to collaborate with the authorities.

"Above all, Corinthians deeply regrets the death of young Livia Gabriele da Silva Santos and sympathizes with her family."