Did a UFO abduct an airplane on Fiji? Alien hunter says yes with picture proof

Self-styled alien hunter, Scott C Waring, claims discoveries like these are concrete proof of alien existence

Did a UFO abduct an airplane on the Fiji islands? An alien hunter says yes with picture proof. Conspiracy theorists have long been alleging that aliens are abducting humans for secretive experiments.

They argue that advanced aliens from deep space have sophisticated technologies that help them to abduct humans and animals using their space vessels, popularly known as UFOs. Adding to the heat of this seemingly bizarre theory, self-styled alien hunter Scott C Waring has claimed to have found evidence of a UFO abducting an airplane in the Fiji islands.

Stunning discovery using Google Maps

UFO abducting airplane
ET Data Base/Google Maps

In his recent post on his website, ET Data Base, Waring revealed that he made the discovery using Google Maps. The self-proclaimed extraterrestrial researcher also revealed that he made the discovery at the coordinates: 18° 3'22.84"S 178°41'8.51"E.

"I was looking at Google Earth map when I found this mysterious glowing object in front of a plane. The object's color is what really stands out. It the back of the UFO its pinkish like a half-circle and in the front its glowing white. I believe this is because the UFO has lowered part of its shield so that they could bring things in and out of the plane into the UFO," wrote Waring on his website.

Waring added that aliens used to abduct humans for experiments, and they would be later returned after erasing their memories. The conspiracy theorist also made it clear that discoveries like these are concrete evidence of alien existence.

Pop music legend who rejected sexual opportunity with an alien

A few weeks back, pop singer Andrew Ivan Bell, popularly known as Andy Bell, had claimed to have rejected an offer to engage in a sexual encounter with an alien. The singer who is openly gay revealed that he was once visited by a fleet of 1,000 spaceships and flying angels.

Soon, one of the angels asked whether he was interested in engaging in a sexual encounter with an alien from deep space. Bell had no hesitation in rejecting that offer as he is gay.