Did Trump Foresee a Major Disease? Signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements by Doctors in Nov 2019 Sparks Debate

It was on November 16, 2019, that Donald Trump made a surprise visit to the Walter Reed Hospital

It was on October 01 that United States President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump were tested positive for coronavirus infection. The President and the First Lady were soon shifted to the Walter Reed Hospital, and he underwent treatment at the luxurious Ward 71. Now, fresh reports suggest that Trump had made physicians and other non-medical staff in the hospital sign a non-disclosure agreement on November 16, 2019.

Donald Trump's Surprise Visit to Walter Reed Hospital

According to a report published in NBC News, the reason for his visit to Walter Reed Hospital is still shrouded under mystery. During the surprise visit on November 16, 2019, Trump mandated signs from physicians and non-medical staff.

However, two physicians refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and they were not permitted to have any involvement in the President's care.

President Donald Trump
The White House released photos of President Donald Trump working from Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Maryland, where he received for Covid-19, on Oct. 3, 2020. Official WH Photos by Joyce Boghosian

According to NBC, the revelations were made by four people who are very familiar with the process. However, these people are not aware of whether Trump had asked new members in the facility to sign a non-disclosure agreement when he was admitted to the hospital last week.

Did Donald Trump Foresee a Major Illness?

In the United States, any physician who provides medical service to the President or any other citizen of the country is prohibited by federal law from disclosing the patient's personal health information without consent. As the law of the land is assuring privacy for every citizen, it remains unclear on why Trump insisted physicians to sign the non-disclosure agreement.

"Any physician caring for the President is bound by patient-physician confidentiality guaranteed under HIPAA, and I'm not going to comment on internal procedures beyond that," said Judd Deere, White House Deputy Press Secretary.

In the meantime, a section of skeptics has started claiming that Donald Trump had actually foreseen a major illness that could affect him, and it could be the reason why he mandated the signing of non-disclosure agreements.